Welcome spring with Kangaroo Hydrogen Water Purifier and gift package VND 1,900,000


Kangaroo Hydrogen Water Purifier that applies exclusively registered hydrogen generating technology by ceramic minerals is now used in more than 40 countries in the world, tested by NFS, FDA of the US and WHO.

Hydrogen water is already known in the world for its antioxidant properties. Active hydrogen has the ability to neutralize oxidants, free radicals and aging substances, thereby helping to maintain health and promote physical fitness.

Hydrogen water is recommended for physical strength, anti-aging support, body care and beauty. In Japan and Korea, this device is recognized as a family medical equipment. In addition, technical factors such as deep suction, RO vortex membrane reducing wastewater, self- sealing joints are also unique strengths of this water purifier. Kangaroo Hydrogen Water Purifier is a product of the research collaboration between Kangaroo Group with Korea – one of the major countries specializing in research and production of high-tech equipment.

Spring welcoming program with Kangaroo Hydrogen Water Purifier

Welcoming spring and toward the 15th, anniversary of the Group, Kangaroo donates special water purifier care package worth VND 1,900,000 when customers buy Kangaroo Hydrogen Water Purifier model KG100HA, KG100 HQ.

Kangaroo’s experts say that, the periodic and regular maintenance, replacing the filter at the right time is extremely important to ensure clean water quality as well as maintain the life of the product. However, users often forget or do not know how to manually check the status of the machine, and wait until the problem arising for fixing. With this service package, customers will be completely assured when the machine is monitored and cared for by skilled technicians.

Kangaroo Hydrogen Water Purifier

With this service package, customers will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Periodically replace filter core, from core 1 to core 5
  • Periodically check the machine every 3 months
  • Check the water quality
  • Free repair, free inspection of other Kangaroo products at home
  • Get incentives when buying genuine filter core

The program is only available from now until February 15th, 2018 for customers who buy Kangaroo Hydrogen Water Purifier KG100HA, KG 100 HQ in supermarkets nationwide, details at: www.kangaroo.vn/hydrogen or contact 1900555566.

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