How Did Kangaroo Produce Hydrogen Rich Water?


Technology is the main factor that allow Kangaroo’s water purifier to make hydrogen rich water

A study by the Department of Media Research (at Kyoto Postgraduate Institution) at the cellular level published in 2009 have shown that hydrogen in alkaline water can slow down the ageing process. Many other researches have also shown that hydrogen-enriched water can neutralize oxidizing agents, helping to improve some medical problems. Nowadays, this kind of water is commonly used in the beauty industry, healthcare and in everyday life in Japan, Korea and over 40 countries in the world. In Japan and Korea, Hydrogen water dispenser is considered a family medical device and is promoted for wider use in daily life.

Typically, water passes from the input water pipe to the output tap through the device cartridge-by-cartridge in order to be completely free of harmful factors such as metal salt, pesticide residue, insecticide, pathogenic bacteria, etc. After the filtration process, the device will infuse necessary minerals into water, which can then be consumed straight from the tap.

In order to make alkaline hydrogen water with miniscule water molecules, Kangaroo’s water purifier incorporates many patented technology which belong to the brand itself.

The device uses the wastewater-reducing RO vortex technology suitable for the water source in Vietnam. This technology was researched and designed by Kangaroo Research and Application Center by changing the flow of water around the rod and increasing water pressure, which increases the vortex as well as the time water goes through the cartridges by 4 times, reducing output waste water by 75% compared to the regular RO technology.

Kangaroo incorporates ceramic mineral technology in 6 specialized cartridges to infuse minerals and hydrogen into the water after filtration. Purified water meets the standards set by the Ministry of Public Health with significantly higher hydrogen content. In this device, the 5-in-1 cartridge is also added to raise the hydrogen content by 30% compared to previous versions.

Hydrogen is a gas that evaporates quickly. Therefore, scientists have applied the far infrared minerals technology to create a polarized top-zone on the water surface in order to keep this gas under water for about 15 minutes.

Furthermore, the new generation KG100HC is the first Kangaroo water purifier to incorporate magnet technology. When water passes through the magnetic field, Hydrogen molecules are rearranged into smaller ones, making it easier to absorb.

Dr. Doan Van Tuan, Environmental Technology department, Biotechnology and Applied Science at Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea explained, hydrogen water has 4 characteristics: high pH level, low ORP (oxidation reduction potential), small water molecules and containing hydrogen. Users can check these values with measuring devices and color indicators.

In the picture, the meter shows a measurement of 0 for regular water while water taken from Kangaroo water purifier has a high hydrogen content of up to 1646 ppb. The average level when used regularly is 200-300 ppb. As with color indicators, water from the Kangaroo water purifier has a dark blue color (pH>8), meaning a high alkaline level. Regular water has a greenish yellow (pH is about 6.5 – 7), representing an average pH level. Soft drink shows a red color.

In 2018, Kangaroo hydrogen water purifier was patented. The brand is now also considered one of the few science and technology businesses in Vietnam. According to experts, this transformation has demonstarted Kangaroo’s strategic vision – to invest in science, research and application, and the company’s manifesto “to only promote health benefiting products”.

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