The First Hydrogen Water Technology In Vietnam, Exclusive To Kangaroo


With the new generation water purifier with unique design and technological advantage, Kangaroo is confident of gaining 60% market share this year.

In 2018, from a home appliances brand, Kangaroo has reinvented itself to become a technology company, receiving the Vietnamese Science and Technology Business recognition award. “This is a turning point to reposition the brand to the next level,” said Mr Nguyen Thanh Phuong, CEO of Kangaroo. Many years prior, Kangaroo’s two Research and Application Centers have consistently increased technological application in nearly 700 Kangaroo products in both domestic and international markets. The water purifier is a major focus for Kangaroo, as it represents the company’s commitment to “re-imagine the map of clean water in Southeast Asia”.

The first Hydrogen water purifier was introduced in 2017. At the time of release, no other similar product type has been introduced to the market. The health benefits of hydrogen water were quickly and positively received by the public, boosting sales, making up 50% of Kangaroo’s water purifier sales.

In the last 2 years, Kangaroo has introduced the second generation of hydrogen water purifier, KG100HC with many upgrades. Apart from the Hydrogen infusing technology, magnet technology is applied for the first time in a water purifier in Vietnam to make hydrogen water with minuscule water compounds.


New anti-counterfeit design

According to Kangaroo, the brand spent 3 years of research and trials to come up with the cylinder design. The KG100HC water purifier is visualized by an American designer, drawing inspiration from famous cylindrical architectures in Europe.

According to Kangaroo, the new shape of the product represents existence and growth, disrupting the rigidity of squared designs often seen in the home. The cylinder shape of KG100HC fits into luxurious and modern interior space of high-end apartment. The hinged door design with magnets helps simplify the installation and save time.

The body is made of ABS plastic, enhancing both durability and bearing capacity. Decorating pattern is highly aesthetic and thermal printed directly on the product. “One of the reasons why Kangaroo decided to change the material and design from cuboid to cylinder is because the production would require a more advanced technology, which frauds have not been able to imitate,” said Mrs. Nguyen Hai Nhu, one of Kangaroo product specialists.

The product body of the KG100HC is 970cm in height, 420mm in diameter. With the new design, the installation process for KG100HC is made easier with only 3 steps in 3 minutes like the worldwide advanced “plug-play” standard. Accordingly, customers can self-assemble KG100HC by connecting to a waste-water pipe, an input water pipe, and installing taps and product body using self-seal couplers. All components inside the machine is readily assembled and secured at the factory, ensuring safety and precision.

Furthermore, all hydraulic connectors are quick couplers for convenient installation, renewal and repair. This way, it can prevent any leaks during operation. KG100HC has a new pressure vessel with an integrated pressure relief valve which is connected to the waste pipe, protecting product from problems concerning increased water pressure.

The latest generation of Hydrogen water Technology

Compared to older models, Kangaroo as implemented magnet technology in KG100HC. Magnet technology has been scientifically proven to have magnetizing ability, which helps to rearrange the structure of molecules. Thus, water going through the magnetic field will be split into smaller water molecules – otherwise known as supermolecules, which can be easily absorbed into the body.

Hydrogen enriching technology is also upgraded. The hydrogen content of the output water is reported to have increased by 30-40% that of previous versions.

Measuring soluble hydrogen concentration in water requires a device analyzing the hydrogen content in ppb (parts per billion) unit. Using this to measure hydrogen in bottled water, we would get 0ppm.

Hydrogen rich water taken from KG100HC will have an increasing value up to 1.500 ppb. The hydrogen content in water will evaporate over time. About 5 minutes after taken from device, the water will experience a decrease in hydrogen content. After 15 minutes, all hydrogen content will be completely gone.

Mr. Doan Van Tuan, Director of Kangaroo Research and Application Center, said, since hydrogen is a gas, it tends to evaporate quickly, therefore, keeping the hydrogen underwater requires a special cartridge with the ability to create a polarized layer on the water surface, which can then reserve the hydrogen for up to 15 minutes in room temperature.


Benefits of Hydrogen water

Hydrogen water is seen as a great step in the Japanese’s solutions to health problems. Studies by the Department of Media Research (at Kyoto Postgraduate Institution) at the cellular level published in 2009 have shown that hydrogen in alkaline water can slow down the ageing process and improve the instability often found in ageing cells.

According to Dr. Hayashi Hidemitsu, Director of Water Institute of Japan, hydrogen-rich water can help improve diabetes, lung diseases, gout, high blood pressure, and many other health issues caused by the body’s ageing and oxidation process. There have been over 300 scientific reports on the benefits of Hydrogen water.

At the moment, the KG100HC water purifier is distributed throughout Kangaroo’s system of over 40,000 distributors across the country. The device comes with a 24 month warranty for all electronic components.


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