In April 2021, KANGAROO Corporation formed a joint venture with NORITZ Corporation (Japan). Through this comprehensive and strategic cooperation, a new era of “Collaboration for Growth – Collaboration for Mutual Development – Creating Resilience” has been opened between the two leading household appliance corporations in Vietnam and Japan.

NORITZ is a leading Japanese household appliance corporation with 70 years of manufacturing experience, 15 factories, 183 representative offices worldwide, and over 600 R&D experts researching and developing products. Joining forces with KANGAROO, NORITZ shares a mission to create perfect Japanese technology household appliances.

KANGAROO - NORITZ | VIỆT - NHẬT liên doanh - Nâng tầm sống khỏe

KANGAROO is the leading household appliance corporation in Vietnam with 20 years of experience in researching and producing products for people’s health care. From manufacturing capacity to supply output of water purifiers, household electrical equipment, energy, and refrigeration, KANGAROO has become the number one brand in Vietnam for water purifier and household appliances, targeting a market of 700 million consumers in Southeast Asia.

KANGAROO - NORITZ | VIỆT - NHẬT liên doanh - Nâng tầm sống khỏe

Applying the Japanese philosophy of healthy living, with the direct involvement of leading Japanese experts in management, training, and production, KANGAROO is committed to bringing Japanese quality products with superior features, produced by the hands and minds of the Vietnamese people. And Vietnamese inventions will quickly appear on international shelves.

“Collaboration for Growth – Collaboration for Mutual Development – Creating Resilience” will be a moment to usher in a new era, a long step forward for both leading corporations in the household appliance manufacturing and distribution industry of the two countries of Japan and Vietnam, moving towards becoming a global corporation.

KANGAROO - NORITZ | VIỆT - NHẬT liên doanh - Nâng tầm sống khỏe

Growing stronger and accelerating – The production model and distribution channel will help KANGAROO quickly realize the vision of becoming the number one household appliance corporation in Southeast Asia with the mission of “Only trading products that are beneficial to health.” KANGAROO’s progress has and is bringing practical benefits to consumers, sustainable development opportunities, prosperity for partners, distributors, and shaping the KANGAROO Corporation – Vietnamese brand on the world map with quality and trust.

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