• 16/11/18
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  • Kangaroo Group of Vietnam wins Asean business awards
  • Kangaroo Group of Vietnam wins the Priority Integration Sector Excellence Awards (Electronics) for outstanding performance and presence in the Electronics Sector, one of the ASEAN…

  • 26/06/18
    1210 Lượt xem
  • Kangaroo, 15 years of co-development
  • The year 2018 marked a milestone in the development of Kangaroo. Over 15 years, Kangaroo has had many great contributions to society, maintained the top…

  • 23/03/18
    1017 Lượt xem
  • The nature of development
  • A morning in May 2017, at Ocean Park Building No. 1 Dao Duy Anh, two autographs were signed in handshakes, smiles and endless applause in…

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