2 patents for invention to celebrate the 15th Birthday of Kangaroo


Two consecutively proprietary patents for invention, honored to receive the certificate of merit of the Prime Minister are the memorable milestones to mark the 15th anniversary of the establishment and development in Vietnam of Kangaroo Group.


Born in 2003, when most Vietnamese families were still using natural water sources such as rain water, surface water, and groundwater that was difficult to control water quality. When home appliances were just as needed with old and reusable devices. At that time, equipping household appliances was a huge amount that not many families can afford and most of them were foreign brands. With the desire that Vietnamese people would have access to clean water, and each apartment would be equipped with full-featured devices to meet the diverse needs of life, and improve the quality of lien in Vietnam at regional level, the founders of Kangaroo have bravely selected their own way to build a Vietnamese brand for Vietnamese people.


Kangaroo Research and Application Institute aims to provide high-tech products for public health

Kangaroo Research and Application Institute aims to provide high-tech products for public health



Determining that a business doing science is a long-term investment and not earning immediate profit, but Kangaroo determines that doing science not only helps business grow sustainably, create own competitive advantages in product, but also contributes to promote the science of the country. Therefore, in the past five years, Kangaroo Research and Application Institute has invested in research to create new values for society, including antibacterial material for sanitary porcelain sanitary ware, antimicrobial shower and water tank. These solutions were the first solutions in Vietnam that were widely applied in products. Most recently, over nearly 3 years of technology transfer, research and assessment of the conformity in Vietnam, Kangaroo has successfully produced the first Hydrogen Water Purifier in Vietnam, a big step in the water purifier market, bringing a new health water concept to the community.


On the 15th birthday anniversary, with the latest technologies in its research, Kangaroo Group has officially received two proprietary patents for useful solutions for bacteria-killing taps and bacteria-killing water roof tank, contributing to the number of patents for useful solutions, inventions, and designs that Kangaroo has been granted previously. Kangaroo was also a rare case among businesses that received two concurrent patents.



With the mission of “Remaking Southeast Asia’s clean water map”, Kangaroo has been making more and more advances in science and technology to create high quality products in the market. Kangaroo Group’s Global General Director, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Phuong said “We are mapping out healthy water in the Southeast Asia region, addressing the needs of each region in a country. Kangaroo’s Research and Application Institute will have to research, develop techniques and products suitable for each place. Initially, we will generalize the use of clean water in Southeast Asia, and further in Asia and the world.”

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