The Kangaroo KG79A2 and KG68A2 hot water heater have won the highest energy efficiency award of Vietnam in 2022 – the best certification for energy saving. On December 16, 2022, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam announced the list of products that have won the “Highest Energy Efficiency 2022” award, among which are the KG79A2 and KG68A2 hot water heater. These are two products developed by the Kangaroo Corporation – the best household brand in Vietnam voted by consumers.

The “Highest Energy Efficiency 2022” award is given to products that positively contribute to directing customers towards green consumption trends and using low-energy consuming products. In its development journey, Kangaroo has always focused on sustainable development and responsibility to the community.

The “Highest Energy Efficiency 2022” award for the KG79A2 and KG68A2 hot water heater is also evidence of Kangaroo’s efforts in researching and creating innovative products, contributing to the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by at least 1.5-2% annually by 2030.

With the commitment to “only sell healthy products”, for the past two decades, Kangaroo has continuously invested in research to have outstanding inventions. One of the examples is the exclusive K-sensing technology currently applied to Kangaroo hot water heater, which can save up to 30% of electricity by conserving heat energy. The water supply into the Kangaroo hot water tank is sprayed evenly at the bottom of the tank, preserving the outlet hot water temperature and keeping the water warm. This has many advantages over regular hot and cold water heater where the water supply is sprayed on top, reducing the outlet water temperature and requiring more electricity to heat the water.

Moreover, the Kangaroo hot water tank core uses K-sensing technology with only one welding line, limiting leaks and increasing the life span of the tank core compared to three welding lines of a regular tank core. K-sensing not only helps consumers save electricity but also has multi-level protection features, making it safer for consumers.

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