Corporate culture

The home of undying pioneering spirits

“If you want to be the market leader, you need to be the first mover first” is Kangaroo’s motto. With the desire to build a Vietnamese brand at global level Kangaroo has always attempted  to create breakthroughs in technology producing, production, and distribution of highly-valued products for society.. In Kangaroo, the secret weapon we have is “human” – human who dare to take risks, who dare to lead and who dare to enjoy the sweetness of their own hard work.

Creativity & Distinction

At Kangaroo, every individual is free to raise idea and utilizecreativity, assert their own bravery and values. The combination of  viewpoint “Do not criticize, do not explain, give solutions” and open environment helps release the inner power of each member in the company. On top of that, the potential creativity inside oneself can quickly be gained by comprehension and application of solving-problem approaches.

Company statement

The philosophy of mutual development is formed on the basis of sharing benefits and gathering strength. Every member, partner, customer receives worthy corresponding values including tangible rewards, social status and other human values.

Kangaroo Group’s office

Customer Support Center KANGAROO