2019 Kitchenware Trend You Should Know


According to the predictions of the International Agency for Research on Cancer, WHO, by 2020 Vietnam will have had 160,000 cancer patients and 30,000 deaths every year, bringing the total number of deaths from cancer to 125,000. However, the majority of people often only pay attention to external factors like unhygienic or toxic food but has little awareness about the dietary influence on internal bodily changes. Research by World Cancer Research Fund International has pointed out that ⅓ of the most common cancer cases can be prevented with a healthy diet, which includes maintaining a reasonable weight and frequently doing physical exercises.

The Appetizing-But-Clean-And-Healthy Cooking Trend

In the past, the taste of food is the only concern when cooking. However, since many studies have proven the consequential influence of an unbalanced diet on several diseases, the need to eat clean/drink clean, also known as having a “healthy diet”, has surged. How do we make delicious food yet still maintain its maximum nutritional value? How can food be both appetizing and free of unnecessary, unhealthy content?

Because of this, every family nutritionist – the housewife, is now looking for kitchenware products that can ensure the need for taste, hygiene as well as healthiness.

Kitchenwares Must Preserve Nutritions In Food

Boiling is one of the most preferred cooking methods due to the fast cooking time. Stir-frying helps add fat to the food. Grilling preserves a lot of the nutrients as no water is added. Steaming is also another way to cook food without having to submerge it into liquid lower heat level than in boiling water, avoiding loss of nutrients.

In order to satisfy this need, Kangaroo has introduced several notable products in the later half of 2019, namely the Elevator Hot Pot and Air Fryer, which were developed based on scientific research to be able to preserve the most nutrients.


Kitchenwares Must Have A Nice Design and Is Convenience

Popular colors such as glossy black, matte black, white, red, etc. are common choices for kitchen product nowadays since they can add an element of elegance to any kitchen space. Modern kitchenwares, aside from their basic cooking purposes, are also an expensive-looking decoration for the kitchen. Convenience, such as portability and ease of cleaning, is also a top priority.

Kitchenwares Should Be Multipurpose

In big cities, living space can be very limited, be it a private house or apartment. Therefore, in order to free up kitchen space from too many cookware, a multifunction product with different cooking modes is the most preferable choice. For example, Kangaroo elevator hot pot has 5 main functions: Hot pot, boil, steam, fry, stew…


Cheap Kitchenware is No Longer Preferred

Products currently on the market has many different price ranges and target segments. Cheap products can oftentimes be of unknown origin or made from harmful materials. On the other hand, products with clear origin or from famous brands are usually preferred despite their higher price point. Kangaroo kitchenwares, with diverse designs and models, are becoming a new favorite for many families.


Hopefully with this information, you can gain more awareness and be more mindful of the quality of your family meal – that it is not only tasty but also nutritious and healthy.

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