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It is increasingly warned about low air quality and pollution levels in enclosed areas such as automobiles that makes the demand for personal air purifier increasing. With a compact size of just over a can of coke, but the ability to filter dirt, bacteria, molds and odors makes Kangaroo’s personal air purifier a specially favorite product in this summer.

Vietnam is in the group of countries with the highest level of air pollution in the world

Vietnam is in the group of countries with the highest level of air pollution in the world

The air quality has dropped sharply

The latest report on May 1st, 2018 of the World Health Organization (WHO) had a warning bell, nine in 10 people in the world were breathing in polluted air, and about 7 million people died each year from air pollution worldwide.

According to the WHO’s Air Quality Guidelines, the average periodic monitoring limit for material particles less than 2.5 micrometers (PM2.5) in diameter is10 μg/m3, in this form or smaller, these material particles can penetrate deeply into the lungs and cardiovascular system, causing major risks to human health.

Tiny particles exist in the air include substances such as sulfates, nitrates and black carbon, which are produced primarily by road vehicles, industrial, electric and agricultural plants. The experts of this organization said that the installation of air purifiers also helps to limit exposure to air pollution from the surrounding environment.

According to Professor Stephen Holgate, an asthma expert at Southampton University, Chairman of the Royal Society of Physicians of the UK, specializing in air pollution, “Air pollution level inside cars is from 9-12 times higher than outside”, and children are more likely to be exposed to air pollution, if inhaling polluted air frequently, children’s lung development will have problem, increasing the risk of asthma and other respiratory diseases.

According to the research of French scientists, car drivers are most affected by air pollution, sometimes the pollution index in cars is twice as high as when they stand on the sidewalk. Here, the pollution is not visible, but the air (fine dust less than 2.5 micron in diameter, petroleum gas) comes from the outside and encounters condensation effect so it cannot escape. “This makes people in cars suffer more from pollution” said Ms. Amélie Fritz, expert of AirParif Non-profit Organization. In addition, toxic substances discharged from the materials on the car such as plastic, leather, etc. because of the difference in temperature inside and outside the car is also a strong impact on the health of users. The accumulation of pollution from daily activities such as eating, sneezing, smoking or simply dust from footwear is also cause of poor quality of air in the car.

Kangaroo Air Purifier with impressive design and many modern features

Kangaroo Air Purifier with impressive design and many modern features


Filtering mechanism of Kangaroo Air Purifier

Weighing 0.35kg and measuring just over one can of coke, Kangaroo Air Purifier is equipped with E2F and Plasmacluster Ion technology with 0.3micron filtering capacity which is fine dust that cannot be detected by naked eyes.

E2F is the latest generation of film filter and is twice as effective as conventional Hepa filter. E2F stands for Electric film filter, is equipped with electrodes on both sides, the air is transported in the zigzag shape through the micro slits of electrostatic film, thanks to this phenomenon, the ultra-fine dust from 0.3 microns is trapped, so the air through this film becomes fresher and cleaner.

Kangaroo Air Filter after a process of use

Kangaroo Air Filter after a process of use

Plasmacluster Ion technology equipped in the machine releases plasma molecules and ions that clean the surrounding air. This technology purifies up to 99.97% of allergens, viruses, bacteria, molds existing in the environment. This technology does not produce any harmful substances during operation.

The use of Kangaroo Air Purifier

  • Clean the air
  • Eliminate allergens.
  • Eliminate molds and restrict the growth of parasitic mold.
  • Prevent the activity of bacteria in the air.
  • Prevent the activity of viruses in the air.
  • Remove stubborn stinks like sweat, food, cigarettes, smoke, etc.
  • Reduce static electricity, prevent dirt from clinging to object surface.
  • Moisturize skin and hair

Máy lọc không khí với thiết kế nhỏ gọn dễ dàng sử dụng trong nhiều không gian khác nhau

Air purifier with compact design, easy to use in many different spaces

How to use Kangaroo Air Purifier

Kangaroo’s personal air purifier has compact size that fits comfortably the water compartment in the care, very convenient for areas such as car, office, classroom, bedroom, baby cradle. The product is also considered the optimal choice by its compact, luxury, super quiet and super power saving design, especially suitable for:

  • Families with small children, old people, using air purifier in the bedroom, classroom, in the car to protect the body from the environmental impacts
  • For those with car sickness, this is also a good solution to stop the effects of unpleasant odors to the sense of smell.
  • Cases of frequent driving on roads for a long period of time
  • For those work in office, often sitting in a conditioning environment to increase the air humidity in the area, keeping the moisture suitable for the skin and hair.
  • Cases where there is no regular car cleaning to deodorize, eliminate molds and bacteria, especially for smokers.

Kangaroo’s personal air purifier is available in 3 models, with many benefits, features and sophisticated design, this is now one of the most prominent products in the air purifier segment.



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