The nature of development


A morning in May 2017, at Ocean Park Building No. 1 Dao Duy Anh, two autographs were signed in handshakes, smiles and endless applause in the 3rd floor hall. From that moment, a new era of healthy water was opened, and a new way of Kangaroo was marked: Kangaroo Hydrogen Water Purifier was launched.

That was a turning point in both product development and production, business as well as strategic direction of more than 2,000 people in the Kangaroo Group: products for public health.

The target of Product for health has led a series of bold decisions including investment in a research and application institute, international cooperation with experts so that a product as Kangaroo Hydrogen Water Purifier could be born after 3 years. For a business, waiting means losing opportunities, and it is a difficult challenge to overcome. The launch of a wide range of products, from arsenic removal technology, Hydrogen technology in water purifier, antimicrobial technology in freezers, refrigerators, fans, water heaters, solar machines, showers, etc., IoT ecosystem in products was the result of a commitment to responsibility, respect for the big goals: Product for health.

Since its inception, from the desire to serve the public health to the target of Product for health, Kangaroo has always taken public health as the focus of all its activities, and has now become a leading home appliance corporation in Vietnam and warmly received and loved by consumers.

The philosophy of mutual development is maintained and cultivated through each stage. Every individual, partner or consumer here will find their own voice, their own value for themselves, and every cooperation opportunity is very new. But all the cooperation are based on the vital principle “Product for health” because every development must go to the true nature of the enterprise.

Since its establishment on June 12th, 2033 to date, one of the throughout thoughts that are mentioned in all matters is “no criticism, no explanation, please give solutions”. When facing any situation, getting in its nature and finding a way to solve it in a concentrated and somewhat harsh manner makes the value of Kangaroo always maintained, and that is the way of Kangaroo to promote creativity, and apply intelligence in the most effective manner in production and business.

The journey to build a business cannot be separated from the market insight. With nearly 700 product models, Kangaroo has become the enterprise with products serving the largest and most extensive needs of the majority. At every stage, the development has been always linked to market insight, and above all, the orientation of demand. Kangaroo always thinks that “consumers will not know what they want until you show them”, because, the creativity and possibility to apply creativity of an enterprise is limitless. That’s why the world has Apple, Samsung or Honda. And, as Global General Director Nguyen Thanh Phuong said “The US has Apple, Japan has Honda, Korea has Samsung, why does not Vietnam have Kangaroo?” A rhetorical question confirmed the willingness of a team which dare to face challenges, representing Vietnam reach out the world, and willing to WELCOME TO THE 15TH ANNIVERSARY OF KANGAROO.

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