Rice Cooker Named U23 Team


The rice cooker named KGU23VN with a special design was launched shortly after the Vietnam U23 football team impressively won the Qatar U23 football team to enter the final match of U23 Asian Championship.

After the historic victory of the U23 Vietnam, Kangaroo Group immediately revealed the design of its latest rice cooker inspired by the red flag Vietnam named model KGU23VN.

Photo: Sample of Kangaroo’s rice cooker KGU23VN

This is the company’s unique and special version that is designed for football fans and Vietnamese families, marking a historic turning point of Vietnam’s football. With special name and Korean-style design, the product is also equipped with prominent features such as super-durable and ultra-light alloy pot, 3D warming technology with a large cast-in casting heat element to increase the thermal efficiency to 30% and keep the flavor and nutrition of rice grains.

Kangaroo’s cheering image for U23 Vietnam

Cheering for U23 at Kangaroo

Kangaroo’s representative said that, the design idea was made immediately after Vietnamese team won the Iraq U23 team to enter the quarter finals. With the historic victory against the giant Qatar, the U23 team did not only bring glory to the country, but also raised the pride and patriotism of the whole nation. The entire Kangaroo Group was harmonizing the atmosphere of the country and this was the gift to mark the great event of the country in general and the Vietnam U23 team in particular.

2018 is also marking the 15th anniversary of Kangaroo Group

The Company’s Sales Directors says that, the product will officially be available on the market in early March 2018 and priced at VND 890,000 (Quang Hai’s equalizing goal in the 89th minute to put Vietnam to the final match). Consumer can register for this product at https://kangaroo.vn/san-pham/noi-com-dien-kgu23vn  or contact 1900555566.

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