The lauching for welcoming New Year 2017, with gold


On the morning of November 11 at the headquarter of Kangaroo Group took place the launching ceremony of the spring program to win Gold 2017, the largest Tet holiday promotion ever for consumers in the New Year.

Spring comes and pick up 2017 Gold is a special promotion of Kangaroo for consumers from November 11 to January 27, 2017 that take place across the country. Accordingly, customers participating in the purchase of Kangaroo products during this time will enjoy the special discount: up to 49% with gifts are high-end products of the Group. When shopping for products in special categories including water purifier, mist spray fans, water cooler, freezer, single infrared cooker, infrared electric stove, pressure cookers, the consumers will receive 100% winning scratch cards with thousands of first prize of gold, second prize of one tael of gold, and encouraging prize Kangaroo K28 water purifier.

At the ceremony, Mr. Le Xuan Hoan, General Director of Vietnam of Kangaroo shared, “To be successful, everything has to pay, every day, wake up, set goals today what we do, before going to sleep, think again what we have done. When there is a goal, nothing is difficult”. “In my circuit, only water filters, fans, rice cookers … only Kangaroo.” Saying that to understand that we work not only with effort, but also with love.

This is the largest program launched by Kangaroo for consumers, total investment up to nearly 100 billion. Sharing about the reason for implementing the program Mr. Hoan said “If not deployed the program of spring coming, picking up gold, then Kangaroo will retain 100 billion. But because it is a market leader, Kangaroo is aiming to create a new trend for consumers, help consumers save money during Tet, choose good products and suitable for the occasion of Tet, especially welcome many good luck in the New Year.

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