Products that “position” the brand with consumers in Vietnam


With the vision and mission to become “the leader”, Kangaroo Group has become the most well-known brand in Vietnam in household goods sector.

“Turning point” in domestic household goods sector

More than ten years ago, to it was almost impossible to find a domestic brand of household goods that could win consumers in the country.

First, the habit of “favoring” foreign goods with superior quality has ingrained in many people’s thinking, while domestic goods were weak in all aspects, from design, price to quality of products.

Second, domestic enterprises had not enough “level” in both economic potential and facilities as well as technical equipment to produce household products suitable for the life and living habits of Vietnamese people.

Exhibition to introduce Kangaroo’s products

However, all prejudices about domestic household goods of consumers gradually changed in 2003 when Kangaroo brand of Vietnam Australia Refrigeration Electrical Engineering Group JSC was officially launched with the goal of conquering the household goods sector.

In the following years, Kangaroo focused on researching, producing and investing in green, environmentally friendly, and energy-efficient technology with its clear and effective plan and strategy. The products bearing this brand were highly appreciated by experts and consumers when they met the requirements of food hygiene and safety, water and air source safety, and had features to help people optimize their time and enjoy life.

Hydrogen Water Purifier

Especially, thanks to understanding the habits and economic conditions of Vietnamese consumers, Kangaroo came up with a suitable strategy, while looking for differences and low costs, it always went ahead and focused on investment and breakthrough in technology.

Within just 15 years since its inception, a series of household products branded Kangaroo has rapidly taken over the domestic market, from urban to rural areas, and at the same time, changed and created a new habit of living in the community of Vietnamese consumers. In addition, the belief of consumers in the products manufactured by Vietnamese enterprises was also multiplied and all were marked in each product branded Kangaroo.

Application of IOT technology to Kangaroo Water Heater

From traditional water purifiers that help users to enjoy instant drinking water using the state-of-the-art water treatment technology to electrical household appliances, electrical household appliances, energy equipment, safes, door systems, etc., Kangaroo’s products are integrated many utilities and modern technology that is the most prominent feature to make the differences and beliefs of Vietnamese consumers.

“Position” the brand by technology and quality

In 2017, Kangaroo continued to launch two products asserting its technology, quality and brand such as Kangaroo Hydrogen Water Purifier, Water Heater model KG 68 IoT after several years of research by Kangaroo Research and Application Institute with domestic and foreign experts.

Kangaroo Hydrogen Water Purifier applies exclusively registered hydrogen generating technology by ceramic minerals is now used in more than 40 countries in the world, tested by NFS, FDA of the US and WHO.

Meanwhile, Water Heater model KG 68 IoT that was launched in 2017 is the IoT product of Kangaroo Group. It is assessed that IoT is one of the three fundamental elements of the evolution 4.0 that has been powerfully taking place in the world. This is not a distant prospect but it is taking place in life, in short, IoT helps devices connected with each other and with people through a common technology platform.

In addition, the strength of antibiotic technology continues to be developed in products such as antibiotic sanitary porcelain, antibiotic shower, antibiotic freezers that offer consumers optimal choices for their health.

Thanks to these contributions to the community and the development of the national economy, in 2017, Kangaroo Group was honored to be ranked in the Top 100 sustainable development enterprises in Vietnam for the second year, and in the Top 500 largest private enterprises in Vietnam, and recognized as the most trusted product in Vietnam for the second year in the row.

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