Kangaroo Elevator Hotpot – Nourishing Cuisine In Your Home


Having studied the characteristics, strengths and limitations of previous products, Kangaroo has successfully developed a new line of “elevator hotpot”, rectifying disadvantages of previous hotpot products and ensuring convenience and nutritional safety to homemade food.


Elevator Hot Pot – Top-notch 4.0 culinary

The special design with a small central rod raises and lowers the food tray inside the pot to separate from the broth when necessary. This improvement is not only about the inconvenience of draining food but it also solves many food safety issues.


Elevator Hot Pot – Top-notch 4.0 culinary


Be economical and save up with just one elevator hot pot that can cook different dishes.

“Elevating rod” separates food from broth or oil, making cooking easier, safer and more convenient.

5 modes in one Elevator Hot Pot


Elevator Hot Pot – Hydrolysis Glucose Reduction

Experimenting sugar reduction from hydrolysis by cooking rice in the elevator hot pot shows a result of a 20% decrease in glucose level than regular cooked rice. Thus, those with special dietary requirements can absolutely make use of the hydrolysis glucose reduction feature of Kangaroo elevator hot pot.



How to Cook Low Sugared Rice

  • Step 1. Pour 2-3 bowls of water into the pot
  • Step 2. Put rice onto the food tray
  • Step 3. Press ‘Down’ to lower the tray
  • Step 4. Pick the ‘1800 degree’ mode
  • Step 5. Wait for water to boil in 10 minutes and rice to be soaked completely
  • Step 6. Press ‘Up’ to raise the tray to the highest level. Change the temperature setting to ‘300 degree’. Wait for 15 minutes until rice is cooked
  • Result: Rice is cooked evenly, with 20% less sugar


Optimal Design

Heat resistant pot and glass lid with handle, small elevating rod with up to 5kg carrying capacity, spill-proof and air release feature, inox 304 pot and tray, sensoring control panel, together make an embodiment of the “living conveniently and healthy” motto in the modern kitchen.


The structure of Kangaroo Elevator Hot Pot


Power 1800W
Voltage 220V/50Hz
Volume 5L
Dimensions 371 x 211 x 410 mm
Weight 3kg
Outer layer of pot Heat resistant plastic, insulated
Glass lid Heat resistant, with handle
Tray INOX 304
Pot INOX 304
Over-temperature sensor Yes
Burn sensor Yes
Color White/Red

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