Kangaroo Elevator Hotpot – 5in1 Cooker


The elevator hotpot is an extremely popular product launched in July 2019. The product is introduced by Kangaroo Corporation and has received countless positive feedback from the market. The pot is even named “Hotpot God”. Let us find out more about its features to see why it is so highly demanded.


The first feature: Hot pot

Why “elevator”? It is because the hot pot has a draining rack which can move up and down easily with just one push. If before it took a long time to prepare a hot pot for your guests, now with the new Kangaroo elevator hot pot, you only need to lay out the ingredients on the rack, wait for the broth to boil and lower the rack to start cooking.

Wait 3 to 5 minutes and you will have a full tray of food without having to use the ladle. This can preserve the food taste while keeping it warm. Your hot pot meal has never been so good!

Another exciting benefit is that since the food does not touch the bottom of the pot, the surface will not be scorched and there is no burnt taste in the broth. The fun continues with no interruption.


The second feature: Steaming pot

Instead of using the rice cooker or a specialized steaming pot which require a lot of time and equipment that can take up space in your kitchen, now you can conveniently steam dumplings, seafood, etc. with this small pot. All you need to do is put the food into the pot and pick the right mode. The transparent glass lid helps you to monitor the food while cooking. With the large volume, you can easily transfer the food onto a plate.

The third feature: Super convenient Deep Fryer

From children to adults, fried dishes have always been a favorite as it excites both our sight and our taste. However, frying requires constant attention to prevent burning. With this elevator hot pot, frying has never been easier. Just pour oil into the pot, put food onto the rack. Wait for the oil to boil, then push the button to lower the rack and submerge food into boiling oil, quickly turning crispy yellow.

After the food is cooked, you then press “Raise”. The food is raised above the oil surface. This way, the food will be drained completely of any excess oil while it is still hot. The rack has small holes that help to drain out the oil as well as letting air out, preventing the food from turning soggy.


The fourth feature: Good for stewing

Stew dishes get simpler and quicker with the elevator hotpot. When stewing with a pressure cooker, the food is likely to be overcooked due to high vapor pressure and temperature. However, these dishes need to be cooked steadily so that nutrients can be produced consistently. With the elevator hotpot, cooking is easier. Stewing dishes like bird’s nest soup, lotus seed soup, chicken stew with herbs, etc. with this hotpot will preserve the good taste and crispiness while not overcooking the food. This feature will satisfy even the most difficult user.

The fifth feature: Quick for Boiling

According to nutritionists, boiling is the best cooking method to preserve the nutrients in food, as long as it boils quickly and the lid is not opened as vitamins can evaporate. The quick heating feature on this pot helps to boil vegetables quickly, which you then press “Raise” to drain the vegetables right on the rack without having to put onto a dish. With this method, food, especially vegetables, can maintain the best nutritional values. Fresh, green vegetables would look delicious on your table.


The last feature: Low Sugar Rice Cooker

According to the findings of the National Institute of Nutrition, Ministry of Public Health, rice cooked with the elevator hotpot has 30% less sugar than that from a regular cooker. This is great news to many people.


Through this article, we hope readers can gain more useful information. As our mission is to improve public health with our products, Kangaroo is always attentive towards the health of Vietnamese people, researching and developing products with not only an elegant, posh design but also guaranteed health and nutritional benefits.

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