Create trust for business development


Mr. Nguyen Thanh Phuong, CEO of Kangaroo Group, said that the development of enterprises as well as the construction of the country should have a clear orientation, vision and core values.

Speaking on the sidelines of the PM’s meeting with businesses today, Phuong said that the national brand is not just about paying attention to its rankings in the world, but also about what Vietnamese people think and need, instead of evaluating what other countries see in you.

Businesses need motivation to develop

Vietnam has experienced many difficult times to get as it is today. The father generation had to fight for the social ideal, for independence and freedom, to concentrate economy to escape poverty. They have the same ideal, purpose and belief in the way the country. However, the reality is that young people have the economy, knowledge and opportunity, but they do not have enough ideals and beliefs to fight and build a stronger country.

According to Phuong, the country wants to develop, not only from the opening of the economy at all costs. Businesses that want to grow need a foundation for development, direction, vision, and a clear “core value.” Thus, each individual in that group has the clear ideal and orientation for his actions.

Vietnamese enterprises are ready to integrate

Phuong always concerns that, the US has Apple, Japan has Honda, Korea has Samsung, then why Vietnam can not have such a “giant” group. They have the hard work, the national self-esteem, the strong will to bring the country “alongside the powerful countries”, why the Vietnamese can not do even though wisdom is not inferior to any country.

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