Kangaroo Rice Cooker KG370S

Kangaroo Rice Cooker KG370S
outstanding features
  • Multi-function
  • Special thermal sensor part
  • Thick heating plate
  • Special anti-stick enamel
  • Housing with floral pattern
  • High-quality aluminum, keep heat
  • Honeycomb-shaped bottom



The Kangaroo KG370S rice cooker is suitable for 2 to 4 people, as a kitchen appliance is increasingly popular with housewives,  thanks to its outstanding features.

Modern design

The Kangaroo KG370S rice cooker has a modern design, floral patterns, and elegant colors, which not only bring good and decent meal, but also contribute to the kitchen space of your home.

With special design, the gasket support on the wall of the pot helps the inner pot stay firmly at the best level of contact. The  surface in tight contact with the heating plate for the highest efficiency: rapid heating, even across the bottom of the pot, help the rice cooked faster and more decent.

Sphere-shaped heating plate

The Kangaroo KG370S rice cooker is equipped with a special, spherical tray with large  contact surface for faster cooking,.

3D warming technology

The 3D rice warming technology helps the rice to be cooked faster, tastes better and keeps it warm. Especially with the heat sensor, you will have the best rice depending on the type of rice (dry rice, broken rice, less rice …).

Aluminum alloy pot

The pot is made of aluminum alloy enameled 2 coatings of anti-stick, help reduce the state of burnt rice attached to the pot, help you clean easily after use.

Intelligent exhaust valve

The intelligent evaporator design of the Kangaroo KG370S rice cooker controls the efficient evaporation process, limiting the loss of nutrients and vitamins contained in rice and bring you delicious, nutritious meals. In addition, the removable exhaust valve is easy to clean.


• Inner wall thickness: 2.5 mm

• 2 anti-stick layers

• Convenient drawstring

• Voltage: 220V/50Hz

• Power: 500W

• Capacity: 1.8 liters

• Dimensions: 268x268x256 mm

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