Kangaroo Rice cooker KG826S

Kangaroo Rice cooker KG826S
outstanding features
  • Elegant design with modern handle on the lid
  • 3D keep warm function
  • Non-stick coating inner pot
  • Multi function cooking
  • Nitritional micro – pressure valve control technology


Kangaroo KG826S rice cooker with eye catching orange color will help highlight your kitchen.

Modern design

The Kangaroo KG826S rice cooker is designed with two modern, sophisticated lines that not only serve the needs of simple cooking, but also enhance your kitchen space.

1.5L capacity

Kangaroo KG826S rice cooker with capacity of 1.5L is suitable for family of 2-4 people, satisfying the demand of the majority of consumers.

High quality non-stick inner pot

The inner pot  is made of durable aluminum 2mm thickness with 2 anti-stick coatings, which helps you cook better rice and easily clean and sanitize.

3D warmth-keeping technology

Kangaroo rice cooker uses the 3D warmth-keeping technology to keep the flavor, plastic rice, whole grain, round taste. Large heat-shrinkage molding, increased thermal efficiency by 30%

Easy operation

Rice cookers are designed with just two simple presses, cook mode and warm mode on the display.

  • Voltage: 220V/50Hz
  • Power: 500W
  • Weight: 2,24Kg
  • Dimension: 283 x 275 x 290 (mm)

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