Kangaroo Rice Cooker KG10N

Kangaroo Rice Cooker KG10N
outstanding features
  • Multi-function
  • Thermal sensor part
  • Thick  heating plate
  • Automatic cooking and reheating technology
  • Anti-stick enamel



Kangaroo KG10N rice cooker with simple, flexible design, suitable for modern kitchen space.

2.5 mm thick pot

The bottom of the pot has a honeycomb bottom 2.5 mm thick, yellow outside plating helps main rice fast and even. The pot is covered with two layers of non-stick, minimizing the adhesion of rice seeds to the pot, helping the rice is not burned, easy to eat rice.

Automatic cooking and heating technology

Simple, easy-to-use design with push button and indicator light. Cooked rice will automatically switch to warming mode to avoid burning rice.

Large heat pump

Modern heating system with thick heating tray, fast heat transmission, absolute safety. The lid of the pot is thick, keeps the heat good when cooking, helps to cook more delicious rice, keep warm longer.

Intelligent heat sensor

With special heat sensors, you will have the best rice ,depending on the type of rice (dry rice, broken rice, small amount of rice …).

Convenient accessory

Kangaroo KG10N rice cooker included accessories such as convenient draw-cord, rice cup, rice scoop, steam tray, …

How to cook delicious porridge with rice cooker Kangaroo KG10N

Step 1: Wash your rice and let it soak for 3 hours before cooking, this will help you shorten the time to get the porridge delicious and fast.

If you do not have time to soak rice, a little alum into the pot or during cooking also helps the porridge much faster.

Step 2: Put the rice soaked in rice cooker, add appropriate amount of water. If possible, add warm water from 50-60 degrees Celsius to shorten the cooking time.

Step 3: Add 1 tablespoon of cooking oil to the pan to prevent the porridge from escaping when the temperature in the pot increases or the water in the pot boils.

Step 4: Close the lid of the rice cooker, plug in the power plug and press the COOK button to cook the cooker. Then about 20-25 ‘, you turn the pot to WARM mode (warm / warm) and leave it in the 30’.

After 30 minutes you add some seasoning to suit your taste, take the porridge and enjoy.


• Inner wall thickness: 2.5 mm

• Convenient drawstring

• Voltage: 220V/50Hz

• Power: 700W

• Capacity: 1.8 liters

• Dimension: 285x313x252 mm

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