Kangaroo Halogen Heat Lamp KG1011C

Kangaroo Halogen Heat Lamp KG1011C
outstanding features
  • The compact design, handy
  • Fast heating, no noise
  • 3 heat levels
  • With reversing direction, high temperature range
  • Safety grille designed to prevent burns
  • Use the Halogen heat dissipation device technology, which helps to heat up quickly, is very convenient for warming the bathroom
  • Over temperature protection
  • Automatically disconnect power when tilted, safe from explosion
  • Thermoplastic body
  • Voltage: 220V / 50Hz
  • Power: 400W, 800W, 1200W
  • Weight: 3.9 kg
  • Dimensions: 385x180x630 (mm)


Kangaroo Halogen  Heat Lamp KG1011C


Kangaroo Halogen  Heat Lamp KG1011C is the most efficient heater available in winter. The mechanism of action is similar to the incandescent light bulb, which uses tungsten filament to create light to generate a large amount of heat, creating a warm feeling. Kangaroo halogen fireplaces are one of the most popular bathroom fireplaces in many homes because they are more affordable than other bathroom fireplaces. by quality and safety when used.


Kangaroo KG1011C heating lamp is lightweight, extremely simple structure, easy to use. Halogen heater heating at high temperature without burning oxygen, do not cause shortness of breath, not dry skin, can be used in both rooms.


The Kangaroo KG1011C halogen heater is overvoltage protected, as the Kangaroo KG1011C heater thermostat is ready to automatically stop if the heat exceeds the safe level. For families with children, this is also a good line of heaters with a protective net and automatically disconnect the electricity when automatically pouring, saving energy consumption well. All Kangaroo products are energy saving so the family should completely choose and use.


Kangaroo KG1011C heater uses specially developed infrared heating technology. Heat reflective parabolic stainless steel reflector accelerates fast heating of the heating. The ceramic heat exchanger is equipped with a ceramic heat dissipation device and has a knob that corresponds to several heat levels. The heat control buttons are located next to the cage of the Kangaroo KG1011C halogen heat exchanger.


The heat dissipation device of the heating lamp does not emit a bright beam, but it releases moderate amounts of light that do not hurt the eyes. In addition, the heating lamp is fast, but does not cause any noise. In front of the halogen lamp Kangaroo KG1011C is coated with electrostatic paint, anti-heat, anti-leakage to ensure that the user when accidentally crash when using. Kangaroo KG1011C heater’s cover and shell are heated halogen and  good heat resistance because of ABS plastic.

Voltage: 220V / 50Hz

Power: 400W, 800W, 1200W

Weight: 3.9 kg

Dimensions: 385x180x630 (mm)

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