Kangaroo KG1014 heating fan

Kangaroo KG1014 heating fan
outstanding features
  • Fast heating and luxury design
  • Highly handy adjustable mode
  • Infrared heated halogen bulb
  • Safety fan frame, adjustable evenly rotary at 90 degrees, radiant heat
  • Auto-off at overload and saving power


Kangaroo KG1014 heating fan with infrared heater bulb is suitable for many different spaces.

Outstanding design

Kangaroo KG1014 heating fan is compact and impressive with luxurious color. Flexible fan with flexible use for different purposes suits to bedrooms, classrooms and living room, etc. So, Kangaroo KG1014 heating fan has not only warm function but also help decorating for your home.

Fast heating and safe

When the halogen lamp is on, the power from the Kangaroo KG1014 transforms to heat and dissipates into the external environment, with a fan power of 900W which helps to warm the space quickly. Kangaroo KG1014 heating fan has some advantages such as no dazzling, no burning of oxygen, no dry skin and makes the user completely safe in using and comfortable to enjoy living space after a stressful working day.

Control panel is easy to operate

Kangaroo KG1014 heating fan is equipped with knobs and push buttons on the stand with simple operation and convenience for use. With 2 levels of heating, plus right-left rotation mode with 90-degree rotation angle, the fan helps to warm effectively from any position in the room. The fan also has built-in timer mode, allowing users to use flexible depending on the purpose and time difference and support power saving.

Safe usage

Fan frame is designed to be firm, the fans are knitted together to create safety while the fan operation.

In addition, the fan case and rear plastics cover of the fan also has absolute fire retardancy, safe for fans and users. Auto-off mode when tilting or overheating helps users completely peace of mind when using.

Easy cleaning and cleaning

Fan design is removable for easy cleaning and cleaning, ensuring the performance of the fan.

Voltage: 220V / 50Hz

Capacity: 900 W

Weight: 3.0 kg

Dimensions: 520 x 430 x 270 cm

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