Kangaroo KG1015 heating fan

Kangaroo KG1015 heating fan
outstanding features
  • Fast heating, luxury design
  • Highly handy adjustable
  • Safety fan frame, adjustable evenly rotary at 90 degrees, radiant heat
  • Self-break at overload, saving power
  • Kangaroo KG1015 heating fan is compact, luxurious color, suitable for various space such as living room, bedroom …


Outstanding design

Kangaroo KG1015 heating fan has a compact design, impressive, blue and white luxury color. Fans move easily to warm from one location to another and suit to bedrooms, classrooms, living rooms…

Fast heating and safe

When the halogen light is on, the power from Kangaroo KG1015 shall transform into heat and transmit to the outside and warm the outer space quickly. Kangaroo KG1015 is equipped with halogen lamps which have some advantages such as no dazzling, no oxygen burning, no dry skin, making the user completely safe in using and comfortable to enjoy living space and pleasant after a working day.

Handy base

Kangaroo KG1015 heating fan is designed firmly, fan case can be customized high and low easily to suit different purposes and space.

Two heat levels and the same rotation angle of 90 degrees

Kangaroo KG1015 heating fan is equipped with knobs and push buttons on the base with simple operation and convenient usage. With a capacity of 900W, fans help to warm up the area of 10-25m2.

Self-break at overloaded

With the fan frame and plastic cover behind the fire, the user can be assured of the quality of using the heating fan. It is accompanied with the self-quenching mode when overheating, as the tilt increases the fan protection, damage and burns more safely for the user.

  • Voltage: 220V / 50Hz
  • Capacity: 900 W
  • Weight: 3.0 kg
  • Dimensions: 520 x 430 x 270 cm

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