Colored stockpot KG935XL

Colored stockpot KG935XL
outstanding features
  • Environment-friendly and food -grade materials
  • Specially strengthened non-stick coating
  • Safe and comfortable design
  • Fast and stable heat transmission
  • Compatible for all types of cooker
  • Easy cleaning


Colored stockpot Kangaroo KG935XL 26 cm is a perfect choice for preparing delicious dishes for your family without spending much time.

High-class materials

Colored stockpot Kangaroo KG935XL is made of high-class aluminum with high temperature-resistant coating, safety for user.

Specially strengthened non-stick coating

The inside pot is coated with a Specially strengthened non-stick coating to prevent foods sticky to the surface helps you to save time for cleaning.

Safe and comfortable design

The handles are coated with a temperature-resistant paint to avoid hand burning when use. The cover is made of transparent glass providing easy observation during food process. Besides, the cover has a small hole to help you control quality and cooking process.

Fast and stable heat transmission

Bottom of the pot is flat, wide and made of fast heat collection material, stable heat transmission so the heat does not concentrate much at the center which avoid food burning during cooking process and bottom tension at high temperature.

Compatible for all types of cooker

Colored stockpot Kangaroo KG935XL can be used widely with all types of cooker such as gas stove, infrared cooker, induction cooker.

Tips on durable use of Colored stockpot Kangaroo KG935XL

Too salty or sour dishes should not be placed inside the pot overnight

For quick cleaning, soak the pot in warm water first.

Do not use sandpaper, sponge to clean the pot.

In case of black pot, use available materials for clean up such as apple skin, vinegar, baking soda powder, salt and lemon.