Microwave oven KGS-123

Microwave oven KGS-123
outstanding features

High class microwave oven, having function to set cooking time.

Easily adjust with 6 levels.

Having defrosting function

Modern design with pull door.

Exterior parts covered in white and components placed in the interior part.

Voltage: 220 – 240V/50Hz

Power: 700W

Weight: 10,5Kg

Dimension: 262 x 452 x 352 (mm)


The Kangaroo microwave oven KGS123 is designed with a compact size of 262 x 452 x 352 mm and a weight of 10.5 kg. It is easy to move and install in a variety of spaces. easy to clean. Kangaroo KGS123 is the perfect choice for your family to make the dishes  more appealing.

The Kangaroo microwave oven KGS123 has 5 different microwave modes. The user can use the control knob to select the processing power that suits each type of food. In addition, you can also select the desired processing time of up to 30 minutes for one processing by turning the operating hour knob.

The Kangaroo Microwave Oven has the capacity of 20 liters, white oven glazed, clean, durable, easy to clean, rotary glassware with heat resistance, flexible rotation to help ripen food better. The lamp design makes it easy to see the inside of the oven without opening the oven door.

If you only use microwave cooking, you have six levels to choose from. Levels increase clockwise and are classified as follows: high, slightly high, medium, below average, flush and low.

Modern design with pull door handles.

Cooking time setting feature.

Easy adjustment with 6 levels.

Defrost function

Voltage: 220 – 240V / 50Hz

Power: 700W• Weight: 10.5kg

Dimensions: 262x452x352 (mm)

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