Kangaroo Water Filter JY2000 – B – IC

Kangaroo Water Filter JY2000 – B – IC
outstanding features


Filter capacity 1.5 L/ h
Number of filters 3 core
Cabinet cover Plastic
Tank capacity 14 lit
Power Consumption
No electricity


    Water Filter

    Nowadays, the Kangaroo water tank has become a quite convenient device, not only widely used in public places such as hospitals, companies, offices, but also by households. mind and use.

    Kangaroo introduces the Kangaroo Water Tank JY2000 – B – IC. With a compact and elegant design, Kangaroo Water Bottle is made from high quality plastic material, for high durability, material that meets food safety standards. Water quality always ensures quality for health. Non-electric water purifiers are used on potable water heaters. The jar includes a ceramic core and a coal core + mineral stone, which helps filter water quickly, clean and safe.

    Technical features of the product:

    • Solid modern design
    • Material meets food safety and hygiene standards

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