Kangaroo Hot & Cold Water Dispenser KG35A3

Kangaroo Hot & Cold Water Dispenser KG35A3
outstanding features
  • Thiết kế theo kiểu dáng Hàn Quốc, trang nhã, hiện đại
  • Hệ thống làm lạnh bằng Block
  • Bầu đun bằng Inox 304
  • Sử dụng bình úp
  • Chế độ bảo vệ Block
  • Khối lượng: 14.4Kg
  • CS nóng: 420W – CS lạnh: 100W


    Kangaroo drinking water heater is a product that is no stranger to today’s consumers. Kangaroo Group, through 15 years of establishment and development, has always been at the forefront and innovated to produce many quality products for life, from the generations of water purifiers, water heaters. drinking to other products in the household goods industry in general.

    The Kangaroo KG35A3 drinking water heater has a modern design in Korean style, elegant color, elegant, very compact, does not take up space, suitable for placing in many different positions, easy Combined harmoniously with all interior spaces such as offices, offices, living rooms, or luxury stores. KG35A3 drinking water heater has a kettle made of high-grade 304 stainless steel, resistant to high temperature and durability, without harmful substances, safe for the health of users.

    Kangaroo KG35A3 hot and cold water dispenser is designed with 2 separate hot and cold water dispensers for extreme convenience. The press lever is designed under the tap, making it easier and convenient to operate. In addition, the machine has 2 separate power switches, which can flexibly turn off or on hot and cold modes depending on demand or use according to the season of the year.

    Benefits of KG35A3 hot and cold water plants with Block cooling system
    The heating temperature is 92 – 95 degrees Celsius, the cooling temperature is 6 – 8 degrees C. The heating power to 420W helps to heat the water quickly, making it easy for you to make tea, coffee, cook noodles, … it doesn’t take much time. The Kangaroo KG35A3 Drinking Water Heater has a Block cooling system, R134A solvent to help the water have a deep, refreshing, quenching thirst.

    Product features and features:
    • Handy, easy to use with 2 separate hot and cold taps.

    • Block cooling system, R134A solvent.

    • Block protection by thermal fuse

    • Stainless steel kettle 304

    • Use a pitcher bottle

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    Voltage: 220V / 50Hz

    Weight: 14.4 Kg

    Dimensions: 274x303x1086 mm

    Capacity: CS Hot: 420W – CS Cold: 100W

    Use an upside-down bottle

    Warranty: 12 months [/ vc_column_text] [/ vc_tta_section]

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