Kangaroo Hot & Cold Water Dispenser KG38N

Kangaroo Hot & Cold Water Dispenser KG38N
outstanding features

Genuine Kangaroo
Elegant, modern design
Rich colors
Warranty 12 months
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Tree Kangaroo hot and cold water is a convenient and safe water heater and cold water heater with luxurious design suitable for both home and office. No need to waste time and space for many products such as refrigerators, kettles, … the need to cool or heat water is now integrated in a single product – very neat.

Manufactured on a modern technological line, using high quality materials and refrigeration systems, Kangaroo Hot and Cold Water Plant is safe for health. Along with many other smart features and designs, Kangaroo Hot and Cold Water Plant is the product that optimally meets your needs.

Luxurious design

With elegant colors and patterns, the product easily blends in harmony with any interior space of the living room, office or luxury store.

Many features are convenient and safe for users’ health

° Convenient, easy to use with 2 separate hot and cold taps.

° Cooling System by block, refrigerant R134a.

° compartment with cooling function.

° Anti-dust for water chamber.

° LED display showing temperature and time.

° Warning mode when high temperature or permissible temperature.

° Protection mode block

• Products have many types, diverse designs, and rich colors

• Product warranty 12 months

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Technical specifications

Voltage / frequency used AV 220V/50Hz
Block QD-28h Refrigerant R134a
Refrigeration capacity 85W
Hot gantry Grid
Cold water tank Capacity 2L / h, stainless steel 304
Cooling temperature 2oC – 10oC
Temperature control Refrigeration (thermostat)
Hot capacity 500W
Hot water tank Using a volume of 5L / h, stainless steel 304
Heating temperature 85oC ~ 95oC
Direct heating device. Direct
Temperature control Zole bimetallic
Over temperature protection tool Zole bimetallic
Chamber Cold compartment
External dimensions 35cm x 36cm x 99cm
Weight 15 kg

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