Kangaroo High frequency rice cooker KGKG599N

Kangaroo High frequency rice cooker KGKG599N
outstanding features
  • The seven-layer inner pot is a great way to remain the heat, and to cook more delicious rice
  • IH 360 degree heating technology helps cook quickly, save time
  • Cook many dishes with pre-set functions
  • High quality porcelain pot
  • Modern touch sensitive keypad
  • The system automatically protects from overheat


    The Kangaroo KG599N high frequency rice cooker is a groundbreaking kitchen appliance with intelligent functions that contribute to the quality of life in every Vietnamese family.

    Power 1200W

    The Kangaroo KG599N apply technology of induction heating rice cooker, magnetic fields pass through the inner pot, help to create heat from inside, the heat spread within the inner pot in 3 directions: from the top down, bottom up and around the pot wall. The heat is spreading fast, evenly and continuity, which helps the rice well done, soft and still preserve the rice’s nutrition.

    1.8L capacity

    1.8L pot, meet the needs of meals of 4-6 people, suitable for the majority of families today.

    7 layer thickness pot

    The Kangaroo KG599N high frequency rice cooker uses a 7-layer inner pot  for rapid, even heating, shortening the cooking process and preserving the natural nutrition of the food. High quality ceramic-coated pot, durable, safe to cook, rice, not stuck to the wall and bottom of the pot, easy to clean after use.

    IH 360 degree heating technology

    The most distinctive feature of the Kangaroo KG599N high frequency rice cooker is the application of IH 360 degree heating technology. IH coils surrounding the iron body, producing high-frequency waves that act on the iron molecules in the bowel of the pot, which radiate and spread heat throughout the pot evenly. Precision heat sensors help to cook evenly and deliciously. It can be said that the IH cooking technology produces convective heat circulating streams, which help to heat evenly, cook rice evenly, fast. Because of using induction technology, so the consumption of electric reduce 50% compare to the general cooking technology.

    16 cooking functions

    The Kangaroo KG599N high frequency rice cooker offers a variety of cooking styles from cooked rice, rice noodle to baking to meet the needs of all family members.

    The cooker is also equipped with quick cook, slow cook, clay pot, soup, porridge function, customized for brown rice, fragrant rice and other types of rice. The user also can choose based on their taste like soft rice or sticky rice.

    Touch key

    The Kangaroo KG599N high frequency rice cooker is equipped with a modern, elegant push-button system that makes it easy to operate.

    Self-protection system when overheating

    The Kangaroo KG599N high frequency rice cooker is equipped with an automatic circuit breaker for overheating, user’s safety and longer lifespan.

    Sanitary operations

    Step 1: Open the lid of the pot, hold the two handles of the lid firmly  and detach the inner lid at the same time. When pulling, do not tug the gasket inside.

    Step 2: Use clean water to wash the lid and gasket, then use soft cloth to dry. Small amounts of dishwashing liquid can be diluted for cleaning

    Step 3: reinstall to the lid

    Step 4: Pull the exhaust valve outward, turn it to remove the upper part of the valve, use clean water, use dry cleaning rags, then screw the upper part of the valve, insert the valve into the lid.

    Step 5: Take the pot out, use a soft towel to clean, then dry with a towel t, when you put the pot in place to gently avoid collision that might cause deformation.

    After the cleaning and maintenance of the pot, it is necessary to fit properly removed parts: inner lid, exhaust valve … for next use.