Electric Multi Cooker KG 800N

Electric Multi Cooker KG 800N
outstanding features
  • Multi purpose cooker: steam, fry and more
  • Teflon inner pot coating
  • Transparent glass top
  • Variable temperature control, powerful heating unit
  • Durable, multi usage and practical
  • Easy to clean and operate
  • Voltage: 220V/50Hz
  • Power: 1,300W
  • Weight: 3,0 kg
  • Dimension: 325x178x325 mm


Kangaroo KG800N multifunctional hot pot with many features, is becoming an indispensable kitchen equipment in the party for family and friends.

3L capacity

With a capacity of 3L, the Kangaroo KG800N can accommodate up to 3-5 family meals.

Longer heat keeping

Kangaroo KG800N Electric Hot pot is made of thick aluminum alloy, coated with high grade anti-stick to keep heat longer, avoid sticky food and easy to clean after use.

Capacity of 1300W

The large heat capacity can be set from 0 to 230 degrees C, help cook food quickly, saving time cooking. The large heat tray helps heat quickly and evenly.

Easy temperature adjustment

Kangaroo KG800N hot pot is equipped with temperature control according to cooking needs (hot pot, frying, boiling, stir-frying, …). The lid of the pot is made of glass so you can observe the food in the pot. It can replace convenient gas stove to save energy.

Note when using

Do not wash the pot body by directing it into the water

Do not use hard objects to attack the heat tray and the bottom of the pot to avoid deformation, damage the heating element

Make sure the heat tray is clean before use

Do not use metal objects or sharp edges to wash the pots to prevent damage to the anti-stick coating

Do not place the pot in a damp place or near a fire

Do not use on the fire

Do not use for grilling at high temperatures, affecting the anti-stick coating


Voltage: 220V/50Hz

Net weight: 3,0 kg

Capacity: 3L

Power: 1,300W

Dimension: 325x178x325 mm


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