Kangaroo ultra thin single electromagnetic stove KG469I

Kangaroo ultra thin single electromagnetic stove KG469I
outstanding features

Kangaroo Ultra Thin single electromagnetic stove.

  • Two heat sink fans
  • Energy saving.
  • Siemens sensor of Germany
  • LED temperature display
  • Multi-functional key
  • High temperature glass, scratch resistance.
  • Table type
  • One oven.
  •  Voltage: 220V / 50Hz
  • Capacity: 2.000W
  • Volume: 2Kg
  • Dimensions: 320 × 390 mm


Kangaroo Ultra thin single electromagnetic stove KG469I

The Kangaroo cooker is becoming a familiar item in most Vietnamese families. That the cooker helps to cook in a short time with compact design, is easy to arrange, safe and convenient are the outstanding advantages that the cooker brings. The cooking is always convenient and the cooker is more luxurious and modern. You need to equip yourself with a stove which can replace the traditional gas stove. Using magnetic cookers will be safer than gas cooker, saving your cooking time. The  ultra-thin Kangaroo Electrode can replace the unsafe gas stove and can be used for all traditional pots.

Product Features of Kangaroo Single cooker KG469I

The Kangaroo KG406i is a sophisticated and elegant electronic cooker with a slimmer, more sophisticated design. The Kangaroo KG406I has an electromagnetic cooking surface made of high-strength tempered glass, high heat resistance and easy cleaning after use. With the cookers in the Kangaroo menu, cleaning is simple, just moistening the towel so you can clean the stains from grease or food that falls to the kitchen when cooking. Kangaroo cooker coating is designed with high-grade plastic, so it has high durability and good insulating properties when used.

Features of the product:

Special offer with a high quality stainless steel cookware used for thin electric stove.

  • Elegant, delicate pattern.
  • LED display temperature
  • German Siemen sensor
  • LED temperature.display
  • Multi-function key
  • Advanced glass, heat resistance, scratch resistance.
  • Table type. One oven.
  • Timer set-up
  • 4 cooking modes
  • Power: 2,000W
  • The following types of pots can be used: steel pots and flat bottom pots with magnetic coating

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