Kangaroo RO Water Purifier KG110

Kangaroo RO Water Purifier KG110
outstanding features
  • Kangaroo RO Membrane 50 GDP Made in Korea
  • Remove slime, rust and impurities in water
  • Prevent bacteria
  • Deodorize and soften the water


9-filtering-level system

  • Cartridge 1 (PP5µ): removes suspension, rust, slime, floating particles over 5 micron in water sourse
  • Cartridge 2 (Activated carbon): removes insoluble grease, heavy metals, organic substances, detergents, radioactive substances, ammonium, arsenic and toxins…
  • Cartridge 3 (PP1µ): removes suspended solids > 1 micromet
  • Cartridge 4 (RO Membrane): RO membrane is made of special material that can remove solids, heavy metal ions, microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, organic substances 10­-3 Water flowing through RO membrane is purified 99.99% and can be drunk directly without the need of boiling
  • Cartridge 5 (Nano Silver): removes bad smell and improves water taste
  • Cartridge 6 (5 in 1 – Omega): increases the water activation and produces mineral ions
  • Cartridge 7 (ORP – Omega): adds essential minerals to the water
  • Cartridge 8 (Alkaline – Omega): produces alkaline water, helps to neutralize acid
  • Cartridge 9 (ORP – Omega): produces electrolytes

Operation principle of Kangaroo RO Water Purifier KG110 Omega

Firstly, water flows through cartridges 1,2,3 to primarily remove impurities. After that, the pump forces the water through the RO cartridge to remove heavy metals, microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, organic substances… Filtered water will go through a 15-liter tank, up to mineral cartridges and out of the faucet, the excess water will be drained off through the waste water pipe.

The power supply used for Kangaroo RO Water Purifier KG110 is 220V/50Hz, it will be converted into 24V through an adaptor to save power. The pump will automatically stop when the tank is full.

Kangaroo RO Water Purifier KG110 Omega can be set up under the sink or the kitchen cupboard to make it convenient to get water. Beside that, you can set up the product with a cabinet made of ordinary or tempered stainless steel standing independently right in your kitchen or living room to make it more elegant and beautiful.

•  7 filtering levels

•  Outlet Capacity:15L/h

•  Voltage: 220V/50Hz

•  Weight: 21 kg

•  Dimensions: 45x32x90 cm

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