Multi function pressure cooker KG139

Multi function pressure cooker KG139
outstanding features
  • 8 functions: Meat stew, Cook rice, Steam, Cook soup, Cook porridge, Stew ribs, Cook seasoned soup, Warm food, etc…
  • 3 in 1 Feature (Cooking-Steaming-Stewing) 2 mm Thick Inner Pot
  • Teflon coated honeycomb inner pot, health safety
  • Power savings
  • Taste keeping


Kangaroo KG139 pressure cooker is a perfect replacement for normal pressure cookers thanks to its super features. Modern, safe structure, multi-function, easy to use, energy savings… are the super features assessed by the user for Kangaroo KG139 pressure cooker.


Kangaroo KG139 pressure cooker provides 9 cooking functions such as cook, steam, stew… meeting diversified demand of your family.

Auto control

It takes no time for you to observe food processing in the cooker because the cooker has function of auto-cooking and temperature control consistent with equivalent food. You can set time for cooking before cooking within 24 hours and you will have a delicious meal.

Teflon coated honeycomb inner pot

The inner pot is made by high-class alloy coated with Teflon for fast and uniformed heat spreading to prevent food from being burnt. Teflon is safety and clean, health safety.

Energy savings

Kangaroo KG139 pressure cooker has high temperature efficiency so it saves 60% of energy and 40% of time, helps you to enjoy your life with your family.

Taste keeping

The seal is closed to keep the taste and nutrition of food, improve the health of your family.

Safety structure

  • There are many components designed for the purpose of safety for user such as:
  • Safety component for opening and closing cover
  • Pressure control function
  • Working pressure limit valve
  • Anti-blocking system to protect working pressure limit value
  • Safety valve
  • Over-heating protection
  • The cover is closed in the position, if not, the cooker will not heat and keep the pressure

Kangaroo KG139 clean up

  • Unplug the cooker and wait for cooling before cleaning
  • Use soft cloth to clean the cooker’s body, do not wash in water or under water tap.
  • Remove the condensed water collector then use wet cloth to clean up before put it back
  • Clean inside surface of the cover including seal, pressure limiting valve, anti-blocking component, exhaust valve hole, floating valve then use soft cloth to dry.
  • Use a sponge or a soft brush not made by metal fibers to clean the inner pot then dry outside surface by soft cloth.

Kangaroo Electric pressure cooker – Multi function 

Model KG 139

Capacity : 6L Voltage : 220V/50Hz
Power : 1.000W Plug : Grounded VDE

Color: Gold – metallic

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