Kangaroo Water Purifier RO KGHIMLAM

Kangaroo Water Purifier RO KGHIMLAM
outstanding features
  • Power: 10 liters/hour, ensuring adequate drinking water for your family
  • Power-saving with automatic solenoid valve
  • Automatically wash RO membrane prior to filtrationy
  • Warranty on all electrical parts: 12 months


The product line of Kangaroo  Water Purifier RO KGHIMLAM  is one of the most advanced product of Kangaroo with excellent features making a great innovation in the on-tap clean water processing in Vietnam.


The capacity of 10l/h

The capacity for water filteration used for Kangaroo  Water Purifier RO KGHIMLAM  is 10L/h.

Kangaroo  Water Purifier RO KGHIMLAM can be set up under the sink or the kitchen cupboard to make it convenient to get water. Beside that, you can set up the product with a cabinet made of ordinary or tempered stainless steel standing independently right in your kitchen or living room to make it more elegant and beautiful.


The water purifier is equipped with power-saving with solenoid valve that is automatically shuts off in case of insufficient input pressure, stops when the tank is full.

Automatically washing RO membrane

With the automatically washing RO membrane, the device will increase its life expectancy and ensure the performance of RO purifier cartridges.

Small and elegant design

With small design, the water purifider is used widely for space optimization.