Kangaroo single electromagnetic stove KG418i

Kangaroo single electromagnetic stove KG418i
outstanding features
  • Kangaroo single electric cooker.
  • Energy saving.
  • Elegant, delicate pattern.
  • LED temperature display.
  • Table type
  • One oven.
  • Voltage: 220V / 50Hz
  • Power: 2.100W
  • Weight: 2,8 Kg
  • Size: 318x383x67 m


Kangaroo single electromagnetic stove KG418i

The Kangaroo ultra thin single electromagnatic stove KG418I is a useful, time-saving, clean and safe choice and is widely used in many homes and thanks to its rapid heating and flow as well as incorporates many useful features.

The Kangaroo KG418I is user-friendly. The cooker is equipped with a touch sensitive control panel, all you need to do is to touch the control buttons for using. The Kangaroo KG418I is Kangaroo’s favorite consumer stove. The cooker has a powerful 2.100W  capacity and offers a variety of needs with a variety of functions and pre-set cooking modes: baking, hot pot, frying, milk-making, soup making, boiling, steaming. This stove has a compact design, convenient for you to move many places.

Characteristics of the Kangaroo Ultra thin single electromagnetic stove KG418i

The Kangaroo KG418i is ultra-thin with 320 x 390 mm size, compact in light colors. Kangaroo single-electric gas cooker uses high-grade, super-resistant, heat-resistant Titanium. The Kangaroo cooker is comfortable to use, no cracks, deformation, and easy to clean after cooking with very good heat resistance.

– Adjustable touch control function increases the temperature during the cooking process. It also has sensitive touch controls even when wet hands are touched. There is bright colors with modern design.

– The automatic heater selects the bottom of the pot to save energy

– Body made of ABS resin.

The stove is operated with a capacity of 2000W, fast heating; radiating heat helps cooking quickly and save power and cooking effort. The Kangaroo KG418i single magnet stovve uses German IGBT sensors, which are a tight heat control system that is safe to use.

The KG418I multifunction cooker with 4 cooking modes makes it easy for your family to enjoy delicious and quick food such as vermicelli, porridge, fried rice, hot pot. Self-timer automatic cooking mode saves electricity safely and conveniently.

Special offer with 1 stainless steel pot when buying products.

  • Elegant, delicate pattern.
  • LED display temperature
  • German IGBT sensor
  • LED temperature display.
  • Multi-functional key
  • high-grade, super durable Titanium glass.
  • Type on the table. One oven.
  • Timer set-up.
  • 4 cooking modes
  • Power 2,000W
  • The following types of pots can be used: steel pots and flat bottom pots with magnetic coating.