Kangaroo single electromagnetic stove KG362i

Kangaroo single electromagnetic stove KG362i
outstanding features

Kangaroo single electric cooker.

  • Energy saving.
  • luxirious, delicate drum texture pattern.
  • LEDs temperature display.
  • Table type.
  • One oven.
  • Voltage: 220-240V / 50Hz
  • Power: 2,000W
  • Weight: 2.8 Kg
  • Dimensions: 318x383x67 mm


Kangaroo single electromagnetic stove KG362i

Single Kangaroo KG362i stove is one of the safest types of cooker today, so that the housewives are completely assured to use the product. Most single cookers are equipped with user-friendly features such as panel lock, boiler warning, automatic shutdown when overloaded


The Kangaroo KG362I is easy to use. The cooker is equipped with a touch sensitive control panel, all you need to do is touch the control buttons to use. Kangaroo KG362I single cooker is Kangaroo’s favorite consumer stove. The cooker has a powerful 2000W capacity and offers a variety of needs with a variety of functions and pre-set cooking modes: baking, hot pot, frying, milk-making, soup-making, boiling, steaming. The cooker also has a compact design, convenient for you to move many places.

Kangaroo KG362I kitchen is made of tempered glass, resistant to heat, easy to clean after use. With this cooker in the Kangaroo menu, cleaning is simple, just moistening the towel so you can clean the stains from grease or food that falls to the kitchen when cooking. Kangaroo cooker coating is designed with high-grade plastic, so they have high durability and good insulating properties when used.

Kangaroo also features a cooker timer, which gives the user a hands-free mode while still having time to work without worrying about food while cooking.

Technical information of  Kangaroo KG362i


There is the easy operation of electric cooker from Kangaroo KG362I with a capacity of 2000W for the ability to reach the required temperature quickly .., heat transfer, fast cooking of dishes in a short time, save electricity and cooking time.

The cooker supports LED display temperature to check the cooking temperature, which is more convenient. With the easy-to-use kitchen panel with touch sensitive controls, you just touch the control buttons when using.

Technical information:

Special offer with 1 stainless steel pot

  • Elegant, delicate pattern.
  • LED temperature display
  • German IGBT sensor
  • Multi-functional key
  • Highly resistant glass
  • Table type. One oven.
  • Timer set-up
  • 4 cooking modes
  • Power: 2,100W
  • The following types of pots can be used: steel pots and flat bottom pots with magnetic coating