Kangaroo range hood KG323

Kangaroo range hood KG323
outstanding features
  • Designed for any kitchen space
  • Strong, luxurious design.
  • New generation, super durable, power saving, low noise level engine.
  • Elegant, functional design.
  • Large capacity for powerful ventilation.
  • Carbon Filter: Deodorize, Bacteria killing, engine protection.
  • Halogen lamps save electricity, is a cozy spot for kitchen.


The Kangaroo KG323 hood is designed in the European style, peninsula-like shape, the highlight of modern kitchen space.

Stainless steel and glass

The Kangaroo KG323 is designed with stainless steel and thick tempered glass, which makes this type of smoke diffuser very nice and safe, suitable for use in medium and large spaces. With this appearance, the Kangaroo KG323 hood also adds luxury, elegance, and rank to the user.

High power

Kangaroo KG323 hood with 250W power  sucks  deodorant and heat exhaust to thoroughly quench the kitchen space. The engine is designed in a new generation of super-durable turbines to reduce noise and save power. Due to the large size, they are usually installed in the kitchen cabinet and are about 60 – 80cm from the kitchen depending on the type of gas stove or kitchen.

Deodorizing and bactericidal activated carbon filter

The Kangaroo KG323 uses an activated carbon membrane to inhibit odors, dust, grease, and air, making the air cool and comfortable.

Halogen lamps save electricity

The Kangaroo KG323 is equipped with Halogen lights to save energy, create a cosy spot for home kitchen space.

Easy to clean and maintain

  • Before cleaning the Kangaroo KG323, switch off the appliance and unplug it
  • Regular cleaning: Use a damp cloth with mild soap or detergent to clean the appliance. Do not use metal pads, chemicals, abrasive or hard brush to clean.
  • Monthly Cleaning for Grease Filters: Cleaning Grease filters is essential to prevent the risk of fire and explosion, and directly affect the efficiency of the vacuum cleaner. You should clean the filter with a household detergent.
  • Annual cleaning for activated carbon filters: This filter retains the odor and must be replaced once a year depending on the frequency of use.
  • Replace the bulb
  • Turn off and unplug the appliance
  • Remove the lamp cover by removing two screws
  • Remove the incandescent lamp
  • Replaced with the same type and standard bulb / lamp
Volts 220V/50Hz Power 250w
Lamp power 2 x 2w Motor power 1.000 m3/h
Noise level <60dB Weight 19 kg
    Dimensions 960x450x530mm