Kangaroo Hot & Cold Water Dispenser KG50W08

Kangaroo Hot & Cold Water Dispenser KG50W08
outstanding features

Air heater integrated filter with 4 filter levels, Korean technology
UV LED sterilization system to ensure the cleanliness of the water tank
Refrigerate with BLock
Election stainless steel kettle
Hot tap with safety lock
Sturdy, beautiful, modern design
Luxurious style


    Kangaroo KG50W08 drinking water heater is modernly designed, compact, suitable for all different positions. Kangaroo’s versatile 2-in-1 drinking water heater with the function of cooling water and heating water at the tap.

    Máy làm nóng lạnh nước uống Kangaroo KG50W08Separate and convenient hot and cold water dispenser

    Kangaroo water heater is designed with 2 separate hot and cold water taps. The press lever is designed under the tap to make the water intake simple and easy.

    Integrated safety lock in hot water tap

    This security lock function is quite popular, especially for families with young children. If the hot water lock is not opened, young children cannot get hot water, avoid burning hands and feet and minimize unfortunate accidents that may occur.

    High quality plastic material, good heat resistance, health safety

    Kangaroo KG50W08 Drinking Water Heater is made from synthetic resin, is resistant to high temperatures and has no harmful substances with water sources ensuring absolute safety for the health of drinkers.

    Kangaroo commits KG50W08 genuine hot and cold water purifier, good quality, affordable price, especially when buying customers, customers can also participate in many attractive promotions, delivery and reputable warranty. .

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    Made in Korea
    Voltage: 220V / 50Hz
    Size: 26x36x110 cm
    Hot capacity: 430W
    Cooling capacity: 90W
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