Kangaroo Hydrogen Water Purifier KG100HU Plus

Kangaroo Hydrogen Water Purifier KG100HU Plus
outstanding features
  • The latest 5-in-1 Hydrogen water generation technology for optimal Hydrogen enrichment
  • UVC LED system prevents re-infection from water after purifying
  • Modern and compact design, 65% smaller than traditional water purifier
  • Core replacement alert system with electronic circuit monitoring quality of each cartridge
  • One-touch induction faucet with cartridge replacement alert
  • Easy installation with 3 steps
  • Vortex RO Purifier technology creates a rotating flow to reduce sedimentation on the membrane surface, increase the saving time by 4 times.



Model: KG100HU Plus Input water temperature: 5 to 35 degree cencious
Type: Destop type model Input water presure requirement: 0.7 – 2.5kg/cm2
Numbers of filtering stages: 5 stages Dimension (LxWxH): 400x270x430 mm
Storage capacity: 4 liters Weight: 14kg
Touch faucet RO filter flush technology: Auto
Voltage: 220V/50Hz Filter replacement warning, water leak warning
Capacity: 28W Manufacturer: Kangaroo Viet Nam Factory
Filter capacity: 17 liters per hour Country of origin: Viet Nam

Let’s discover the outstanding features of Kangaroo Hydrogen Water Purifier KG100HU+Kangaroo Hydrogen Water Purifier KG100HU+ is not only completely different in style but also affirms its level with electronic control system and touch controller which are suitable for busy customers loving technology and modern lifestyle.Improved by control circuit, the ability to generate Hydrogen-rich water, as a part from Hydrogen Lux series collection, KG100HU+ confirms the pioneering level of Kangaroo – a clean water map-maker.

Produce Hydrogen-rich water

Produce healthy and fresh water by specialized Hydrogen technology. The preeminent combination of 5 minerals in one monolithic cartridge for superior hydrogen generation.

Hydrogen-enriched alkaline water with optimal pH and ORP, is a clean instant-drinking water source for your family. Hydrogen in water can remove oxidizing agents In Japan and Korea, Hydrogen water generators are considered as household medical devices
Hydrogen-rich water is useful in beauty care due to its quick penetration into the skin. Quickly absorb minerals, effective rehydration. Remove organic residues on food surfaces.
(Source: Cure the Incurable)

 Electronic driver and control system:

The entire control system of the device operates by an electronic circuit which is able to memorize the information, control the device status and alert.

Display cartridge life, cartridge replacement alert

With conventional water purifier, most of users do not have time or have difficulty in remembering the life time of each cartridge; in many cases when it is remembered, water no longer reaches the minimum purity level. That situation, however, will not reoccur with Hydrogen Water Purifier Model Lux KG100HU+. The electronic circuit is programmed to memorize the cartridges usage information, monitor the cartridge status based on the water flow through each cartridge and membrane. By memorizing, when the maximum water flow through the cartridges is reached, the device will alert the users for cartridge replacement. This solution is completely different from alerting by operating time of devices on the market today.

  • Cartridge 1,2,3: pumping time through RO reaches 2160 hours (equivalent to 3 months)
  • Cartridge  4, 5: pumping time through RO reaches 17,280 hours (equivalent to 24 months)
  • When the cartridge life is <90% default time, the light is green
  • When the cartridge life is >/=100%, the light is red

Automatic washing RO membrane: as a kidney of the device, Kangaroo vortex RO membrane plays the final role in ensuring the quality of purified water. That is why the membrane is likely to be blocked by the impurities left by previous cartridges. RO membrane is washed automatically in 30 seconds after every 2 hours of RO pump operation time, at 5 seconds before and after purifying (before pushing water through the membrane and after the tank is full). This feature ensures the membrane life, purifying capacity and output quality of the device.

Automatic stop, short-circuit protection for pump:

The sensor automatically turns off RO pump after 60 minutes of continuous operation to protect the pump in all cases, remove the possibility of water overflow. In case of lost input-water, the pump will automatically stop after 30 minutes of continuous operation. When the pump stops, the light on induction faucet will flash in red with a beep to alert system failure which needs to be checked.

One-touch induction faucet

Different from conventional mechanical faucets, one-touch induction faucet equipped in Hydrogen Water Purifier Model Lux KG100HU+ is a controlling and driving center.

The green light indicates that all cartridges are in good condition and able to be used normally.

The red light indicates that at least one of the cartridges has reached the 100% expiry date and must be replaced immediately to ensure the safety of water.

Flashing red light indicates that the water in the tank is not enough to supply the faucet; the device is in filtering process to supply the tank with more water.

The hose is manufactured with IP6 water proof, the highest standard at the moment for its ability to work properly in humid environment.

UVC led for re-infection-proof

6-liter tank equipped with special UVC Led to prevent re-inflection. Manufactured in Korea and widely used all over the world, UVC Led has been an alternative device for mercury LEDs. With outstanding features such as no ozone generation, no use of mercury, no heat generation, bactericidal efficacy of 99.9%, UVC led equipped in Hydrogen Water Purifier Lux KG100HU+ guarantees the optimally safe water source.

Compact structure, reducing 65% of size

43cm in height, 27cm in width and 36cm in depth is the size of Hydrogen lux series, reducing 65% of size compared to traditional models. Although the size is smaller, all components are optimized in this space, from the cartridge system, pressure pump to pressure tank.

Just as small as a computer case, Kangaroo Hydrogen Water Purifier Lux KG100HU+ gives the users more choices of installation space, such as in drawers, kitchen cabinets, kitchen countertops, dining tables or any other convenient area in the living space.

Monolithic cartridges

Completely different from the existing devices on the market, the coarse cartridges, RO membrane and Hydrogen generator are casted monolithically. This ensures absolute tightness, minimizes the reverse influences, especially re-infection, from the environment to the cartridges.

This structure allows the users to replace the cartridges flexibly and conveniently without locking water inlet. With the special structure, when the cartridge is rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise, it is disassembled, and the connection between the cartridge and the device is automatically locked. This mechanism helps lock the input water; thereby the device ensures no slipping and water leak during use.

An extremely important point is that this version is made with a synchronous, advanced design that requires a high level of production with a modern, closed production line and completely eases the user’s concern about counterfeit and fake products.

Fast connection system

Along with the monolithic cartridge structure, the hose and pipe connection system is equipped with quick connectors that are completely different from the conventional screw-down connectors. Not only does the connection system operate quickly, simply and accurately, but it also ensures a solid, durable connection and high water pressure resistance, eliminating slip-off and water leak.

3-step installation

The device is completely built-up in Kangaroo factory with strict production, control and inspection processes to guarantee the precision to every detail. The user only need 3 steps to use the device, including connecting the water inlet, connecting the water outlet and plug the device into the socket.

Besides, other outstanding features of KG100HU+:

  • Warranty on all electrical parts up to 2 years
  • Smooth operation, no noise
  • Automatic washing RO membrane
  • Stainless steel 304 valves with luxurious appearance and outstanding durability.

KG100HU+ deserves a must-have product in each family due to its own added values.