Kangaroo electric storage water heater KG70A3

Kangaroo electric storage water heater KG70A3
outstanding features

Antibacterial electric storage water heater

High antibacterial effect with nano silver coated heating element

20% faster heating

Shock proof

Over-heat proof

Temperature control

Extra thick Polyurethane insulation



Model: KG70A3 Dimension: 710x330x350 (mm)
Type: Single tank Weight: 13Kg
Tank volume: 30L Max temperature: 75ºC
Rated voltage/ Frequence: 220V/ 50Hz Pressure: 0.8Mpa
Rated power: 2500W Temperature display: Optional

Capacity of 30 liters is suitable for many households

Kangaroo KG70A3 water heater with capacity of 30 liters ensures to provide enough hot water to serve families with 4 or more members. Water heater is beautifully designed, modern and compact design which is suitable for many different bathroom space.

20% faster heating

The Kangaroo KG70A3, which has an operating power of up to 2500W, also offers a short-term heating effect without the waiting time for hot water.

Shock proof, Over-heat proof

The Kangaroo KG70A3 water heater is an indirect water heater equipped with high-density PU insulation to prevent leakage of electricity to ensure safety for the users. In addition, Kangaroo water heater is equipped with CSS synchronous safety system and anti-shock system to help users safely use the heater for the whole family.

Easy temperature adjusting

Users can easily adjust the hot temperature according to their needs with Kangaroo KG70A3 water heater. Electronic LED display shows hot temperature

Antimicrobial Nanotechnology

Kangraroo KG70A3 water heater uses antimicrobial Nanotechnology, providing clean water source to ensure the health of users.

Energy saving

With Kangaroo KG70A3 water heater, users only need to heat water once, and can be used several times within 24 hours after turning on the heater without having to turn it on again, thus saving maximum power consumption for users.