Kangaroo Antibacterial Chest Freezers KG699C1

Kangaroo Antibacterial Chest Freezers KG699C1
outstanding features

Copper Indoor pure copper
LG compressors
Aluminum powder coated with antibacterial silver Nano coating
Floating handle with lock, lights
Powder coated steel basket


    Modern design

    Kangaroo KG699C1 antibacterial freezer is designed with a modern design, the cabinet is made of ABS plastic with high-strength white color and easy to clean and clean. The bottom of the cabinet has wheels, so it is easy to move when needed without too much effort.

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    Large capacity

    Kangaroo KG699C1 with a capacity of 446 liters is designed with 1 freezer (dynamic temperature: <-18 degrees C) to help users store large amounts of food for long-term preservation. Kangaroo KG699C1 antibacterial freezer is suitable for families, restaurants, shops, …

    Aluminum powder coated with silver nano-coated aluminum cabinet

    Kangaroo KG699C1 freezer has a silver nano-coated aluminum cabinet to help kill bacteria and deodorize so that food is always fresh, delicious, preserved for a long time.

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    Copper cooler

    With a capacity of 220W and highly durable pure copper refrigeration, the Kangaroo KG668C1 can operate at full capacity, providing deep and stable cooling.

    Easy temperature adjustment

    Kangaroo KG699C1 designed the temperature control panel right outside the cabinet body so that users can easily adjust the arbitrary temperature to suit each type and amount of different food with just one simple knob. . In addition, the Kangaroo KG699C1 freezer is also equipped with a cabinet temperature sensor to balance the temperature accordingly.

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    Foreign drainage hole

    In addition, the Kangaroo freezer also designed a drainage hole so that the excess water in the refrigerator can flow out without being trapped in the refrigerator, and at the same time cleaning the refrigerator also removes dirt. from the cabinet more easily.

    This product has a flexible basket made of powder coated steel to help you manage your food in an orderly, neat and smart way.

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    Kangaroo Antibacterial Freezer KG699C1

    Capacity Size Voltage Wattage Weight Cooler Number of doors Guarantee Freezing temperature
    446 Lit 1535*790*825(mm) 220V/50Hz  220W 63/75 KG Copper 2  2 years ≤ -18°C

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