Kangaroo antibacterial Chest Freezer KG328NC2

Kangaroo antibacterial Chest Freezer KG328NC2
outstanding features

Model Antibacterial freezer 2 compartment – 2 wings
The cabinet uses antibacterial silver Nano technology
Equipped with LG compressor made in Korea, smooth operation, high durability.
The 3-layer paint technology is extremely durable and keeps the color fresh.


Kangaroo KG328NC2 antibacterial freezer has a modern design, compact, easy to use with 2 compartments – 2 separate wings. KG328NC2 is equipped with Pure Copper indoor unit for quick cooling and very good deep heat retention.

The Kangaroo KG328NC2 antibacterial freezer is equipped with a Panasonic compressor made in Singapore to help the product operate smoothly, with fast cooling speed, and save energy. In addition, the Kangaroo freezer heart is made from aluminum alloy, coated with a silver Nano layer. This silver Nano technology helps keep the inside of the cabinet clean, limiting odors and cross-contamination to keep food fresh for longer.

Kangaroo KG328NC2 freezer is coated with 3 layers, durable quality, resistant to rust, durable over time, and very friendly with the environment.

Kangaroo KG328NC2 antibacterial freezer is genuine warranty for 2 years.

Panasonic Made in Singapore compressors operate extremely efficiently, with low power consumption and very high cooling efficiency.

Low vibration, noise and service life up to 15 years

Kangaroo freezer uses a silver Nano layer coated on the cabinet surface. This silver Nano layer helps the inside of the cabinet to always be clean of bacteria, limit odors and cross-contamination to keep food fresh for longer.
Kangaroo freezer is painted with 3 layers of technology like high-end paint technology in cars, so the quality is durable, resistant to rust and durable over time.
Products with tempered glass, heat-resistant, energy-saving and freshly preserved food.

Kangaroo antibacterial Chest Freezer KG328NC2


Kangaroo antibacterial freezer Model KG328NC2


Capacity (L) 212 Lit
Automatic / mechanical defrosting
Control Panel (Mechanical / Digital)  Mechanical
Power (W 75 (Wh)


Voltage 220V/50Hz
Cooler / freezer compartment temperature (ºC) 0~10ºC/ ≤  -18ºC
Product size 1071 x 627 x 809 mm
Net weight / Gross weight 47/52 (Kg)

Insulation (CFC-free)

Cyclopentane Type C5H10 Yes


Glass door type (Normally, fair) Tempered glass
Door White
Door Handles Floating
Type Tempered Glass
Sliding Glass Yes


Gas (CFC-free) gr R600a
Cabinet material Powder coated steel
Materials inside  Aluminum powder coating
Indoor unit copper
LG Compressor Made in Korea
Number of shelves 1


Flexible adjustable shelf (pcs) wire/1
Wheel legs 4
Dashboard New
Electric wire compartment Hidden