Fry pan KG166L

Fry pan KG166L
outstanding features
  • Nano non-stick pan.
  • Premium inox material
  • Bottom with 3 layers, non-stick layer coated with Xylan material from US.
  • Nano technology helps make the surface hard and scuff resistant.
  • Heat resistant handle.
  • Compatible for all kinds of cooker.
  • Size: 30 cm



Kangaroo nonstick frying pan KG166L is made of high quality stainless steel material thus it is high durable, heat-resistant and impact-resistant. Stainless steel material is bright, durable, rust free and does not generate toxic substances when pan is exposed to high temperature during use.

Body of Kangaroo pan KG166L consisted of 03 layers: Stainless steel, pure aluminum, 430 stainless steel for better thermal transmission and energy saving.

Nonstick inox pan is coated with high non-stick coating to make its surface hard and scratch-resistant during use. Its nonstick coating will not be pell of, thus it is safe for users and keeps nutritional values and natural colors of food.

The Heat-resistant, tapered and palm-shaped design of handle of Kangaroo nonstick frying pan KG166L helps you easily grasp and control the pan.

Xylan base of nonstick frying pan is suitable for all stovess including: gas stoves, electric stoves, electric stoves, etc.

      Kangaroo Fry pan Model KG 166L      
 Inner pan : Nano technology
 Material : stainless steel
 Bottom : 3 layer
 Dimension  : 30 cm