Colored cookware set KG931

Colored cookware set KG931
outstanding features
  • Environment-friendly and food -grade materials
  • Modern style
  • Specially strengthened non-stick coating
  • Fast and stable heat transmission
  • Comfortable and temperature-resistant handle
  • Transparent glass cover


Cookware set Kangaroo KG931 is becoming closer and indispensable kitchen appliance in each family’s kitchen thanks to its prominent features such as fast and stable heat transmission, durability and safety for health.

High-class materials

Cookware set Kangaroo KG931 is made of high-class aluminum with high temperature-resistant coating, safety for user.

Modern style

Cookware set Kangaroo KG931 includes 3 pots with different sizes such as 16 cm, 20 cm, and 24 cm. Bright green features your kitchen space and shows taste of the owner.

Specially strengthened non-stick coating

The pot inside is coated with a Specially strengthened non-stick coating to prevent foods sticky to the surface and easy to clean after use.

Fast and stable heat transmission

Thanks to special aluminum alloy structure, the heat is transmitted around the pot, prevents foods from being burnt due to the heat concentration at the center as other normal pots.

Comfortable and temperature-resistant handle

The handles are coated with a temperature-resistant paint to avoid hand burning when use.

Transparent glass cover

The cover is made of transparent glass providing easy observation during food process. Besides, the cover has a small hole to help you control quality and cooking level of food.

Compatible for all types of cooker

This cookware set can be used for many other cookers such as gas stove, induction stove, infrared cooker…