Antibacterial shower faucet KG 690S

Antibacterial shower faucet KG 690S
outstanding features

Anti-stain on the inside surface

Ability to kill bacteria when water flows through

Use of 35 mm Sedal porcelain core

100 % Pure copper body.


Kangaroo KG690S is a proprietary product developed by Kangaroo Health and Applied Institute. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of household goods in Vietnam, Kangaroo is committed to providing consumers with the best products and strict quality control and inspection procedures.

Kangaroo Anti-bacterial shower KG690S is designed to Australian standards with a subtle, innovative design that fits in every detail, preventing any surface contamination.

Antimicrobial Nanotechnology is applied on the inside of the tap system to help prevent stain and kill bacteria as the water flows through, providing a clean, fresh source of water.

Kangaroo shower is made entirely of 100% pure copper and chromium plated by 100% well-qualified KSA standard. The core is made of porcelain that is originated from Sedal – Spain with super duration.

How to install and use Kangaroo antibacterial shower KG690S

1. Make sure the pipe position is installed at the right size and distance according to the different models.

2. Connect the body of the shower and the water supply with the water inlet.

3. Turn up to open and turn down to close. Red mark is a hot water source, blue mark is a source of cold water.

4. Relate to the requirements of the shower head, do not use the hand to strongly impact its surface. Do not use sharp nails or other objects on the surface.

Sanitation and maintenance instructions

1. You should clean the shower with clean water or soft rags regularly, keep it clean and avoid impact on the surface of the shower hose and other parts to ensure the product is durable and beautiful.

2. Use the following chemicals to clean the surface:

Mild detergent

Glass cleaner

Powder without completely corrosive

Detergents do not have abrasives

3. Study the use of alkaline or acid based cleaning agents with high alkalis.

4. Use water or cloth towel after showering.

5. When there is a problem with the product, the following measures should be taken:

Loosen the water valve when the water is running low

Remove the cover, wash the dirt when the water is running low or not flowing. Check for dust in the filter section of the water supply.

How to replace the inner core: Remove the red / blue part of the handle, then remove the handle, remove the screw and take out the brake and then remove the core and replace with the new one and then do Step-by-step operation as above.

Open the lid of the valve and then remove the cushion and adjust the water flow to increase the amount of water entering the water intake.

When the amount of water in the shower head is small, remove it and then rinse the dirt inside the filter.

If only one of the nozzles on the shower head does not work or no water is available, use the hand to wash it directly on the nozzle.

Notes on installing Kangaroo KG690S

1. Operating pressure: min 0.5Mpa (0.5 Bar) and max. 1.0 Mpa (10 Bar)

2. The inside porcelain core has been checked and adjusted by the manufacturer, so you do not dismantle it yourself.

3. Install the product according to the user manual. Be careful not to over-force your hand to avoid causing scratches to the relevant parts.

4. Make sure you install the hot / cold water in the correct position, if you are standing in front of the shower, the hot water part is on the left and and the cooler is on the right.

5. If the source of water is dirty, it is recommended to install the filter in the source to avoid damaging other parts of the shower hose or the operation of the shower hose.

6. If the water outlet is made of plastic, the water pressure should not exceed 0.5Mpa, if more than 0.5Mpa shower system need a pressure relief valve to reduce the pressure to avoid affecting the equipment and operation of the shower hose.

7. After installation, thoroughly check all couplings and ensure that there is no leakage.

8. Working pressure and temperature during operation

Working pressure: 0.05Mpa ~ 0.5Mpa.

Pressure should be applied when operating: 0.05Mpa ~ 0.5Mpa (Including hot side and cold side).

Operating temperature: 4 ° C ~ 90 ° C.

9. Height in the center of the cold / hot side of the hose compared with the floor is 90 cm.

Anti-stain on the inside surface

Ability to kill bacteria when water flows through

Use of 35 mm Sedal porcelain core

100 % Pure copper body.