2-burner glass top gas stove KG 505

2-burner glass top gas stove KG 505
outstanding features

2 burners, black glass top surrounded by a sturdy stainless steel frame, strong and nice to avoid collision.

Nicely designed stove, short gap between supports and cooking device helps to save gas remarkably.

7mm thick black glass, pressure and heat resistant, glossy, easy to clean.

Body is made of stainless steel and coated with antifouling paint

Magneto ignition, smooth and responsive operation.

Safe block for pilot gas.

Size: 670X375X105 mm


The Kangaroo positive gas cooker KG505 uses a very gentle and sensitive Manheto ignition system, 7mm heat-resistant, glossy, easy to clean surface; Stainless steel coat does not wear out, prevent rust and deformation when exposed to high temperatures. In particular, the Kangaroo KG505 is equipped with two cooking ovens allowing you to cook more dishes at the same time.

Modern design

The Kangaroo gas cooker KG505 is designed in harmony with the pattern and color, creating a lively look that is no less luxurious for the kitchen space. New type of knob helps housewives not have to use too much force when starting, manipulate very lightly. The button has a high life expectancy.

Tempered glass

Kangaroo KG505 is designed with high strength, high heat resistance. Smooth cooker surfaces are easy to clean after use and do not stain.

Manheto ignition system is very quiet and sensitive

The positive gas cooker KG505 uses an electronic IC with a 1.5 volt battery to create a powerful, high-sensitivity spark that is stable and durable over long periods of time. It is also easy to use and safe, convenient replacement in case of out of battery

Fire knob

Kangaroo Gas Cooker has a knob that makes it easy to switch on / off the gas stove and easily adjust the fire level as desired.

Super durable cooker gaze

The positive gas cooker is designed with solid 5-foot oven made from enameled steel without rust or breakage after long use. The gazes can be detachable to clean conveniently.

Tempered glass

7mm thick tempered glass with high heat resistance, scratch resistance and very easy to clean when stuck.

Copper burners

The Kangaroo KG505 uses a thick copper burner that is scientifically designed to distribute the flame evenly, giving the flame a green color that does not blacken the bottom of the pot and saves gas. The cooker is equipped with copper burners for optimum performance, super fuel efficiency. Cooker core is made of stainless steel, which is no wear and tear.

2 ovens, anti-rust steel body.

Black glass is surrounded by a solid, strong and beautiful stainless steel frame, avoiding impact.

Steel / stainless steel fire extinguisher.

Cast iron cookware, no wear and tear.

Black, 7mm thick, heat resistant, glossy, easy to clean.

Thick steel glaze: 229g

Manheto ignition which is very quiet and sensitive.

Safe precautionary gauges




Dimensions: 670X375X105 mm