Multi function pressure cooker KG 289

Multi function pressure cooker KG 289
outstanding features

Energy Saving

Auto – Set up timer

Big LED display

Over heating thermostat

Multi – function

Fashion design Easy Operation

Voltage: 220V/50Hz

Power: 1.000W

Weight: 4,9 Kg

Dimension: 320 x 320 x 348 (mm)


Kangaroo multifunctional electric cooker KG289 is easy to use, saves time and electricity, is an indispensable kitchen appliance in the modern family.

Easy using

Kangaroo pressure cooker KG289 can be used for cooking rice, cooking porridge, steaming, stewing, pasta making, baking, grilling / frying, yogurt, jam making.

Kangaroo pressure cooker KG289  is equipped with cooking mode control, automatically switches to warm mode after cooking.

It can set the time in 24 hours. Automatically count down and start cooking after the timer ends.

The cooker also owns DIY pressure timer, setting the pressure maintenance time according to the user’s choice.

Fast cooking, time saving

Cooking at high temperatures saves cooking time.

Cooking faster compared to conventional rice cookers, saving power.

Cooking faster for cooking porridge, soups, nuts and other hard-to-cook nuts.

Retaining the nutrition of the food

Use fully sealed pressure cookers, which help to retain nutrients.

Advanced and more secure design

The cooker has lock and open safe mode. Without locking, the pressure will not increase. When there is pressure inside, the cooker cannot be opened.

There is also the safety pressure valve, automatic discharge pressure when reaching maximum operating pressure.

Automatic temperature control: Turning On or Off automatically keeps the preset temperature.

Power cut off switch: Automatically cut off electricity when overheated.

Here are the steps for cleaning and maintenance:

Timely clean the pot after each use.

To clean the pot, the user must turn off the power and wait for the pot to cool completely.

Open the lid properly and remove the inner pot. Use clean water to clean, rinse and dry using a soft cloth.

A removable cover can be removed with water. This plate must be placed in the original position after washing, otherwise the product will not work.

Remove the drain valve and float valve, rinse it off with water, and reinsert it in the original position.

Remove the water tank, rinse and reinsert it in place.

Check if the vent holes of the float valve and the exhaust valve are blocked by the exterior objects; Clean the heat keeping sheet with a cloth.

Clean the pot and pot body with a dry cloth; Do not immerse the pot in water or allow water to flow.

After cleaning, check that the cover plate, drain valve, float valve, and other components are properly assembled.

Energy saving


LED display screen

Overheat protection

Modern and user-friendly design

Multi function: Meat stewing, rice cooking, Steaming, …

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