Multi function pressure cooker KG 280N

Multi function pressure cooker KG 280N
outstanding features

Multi-functions: Meat stew, Cook rice, Steam, Cook soup, Cook porridge, Stew ribs, Cook seasoned soup, Warm food, etc…

Energy saving

Pre-set timer

Over heating protection

Bilingual control panel


User friendly

Voltage: 220V/50-60Hz

Power: 900W

Weight: 4,9Kg

Dimension: 320x320x348 (mm)


Kangaroo KG280N pressure cooker with modern and elegant design comes with many intelligent functions to improve the quality of your family life.

Versatile and automatic cooking

Kangaroo pressure cooker KG280N with automatic cooking function, can cook rice, porridge, soup … The universal electric pressure cooker automatically turns on the hot cooking function without having to spend much time supervising.

Teflon non-stick coating

The pot is equipped with a high anti-stick Teflon pot, prevent food from sticking, keep the taste of food and easy to clean after use.

Energy saving

The Kangaroo cooker KG280N has a faster cooking time and are far more energy efficient than conventional electric cookers: they save about 15% of rice cooking time, 40% of porridge cooking time and 30% of electricity.

Safe when using

Safety valve to prevent congestion: avoid food blockage and seal the steam pipe

Safety pressure regulator: automatically turns off the power when the temperature in the pot reaches the pre-set pressure.

Safety Temperature Controller: Automatically switches off the power supply when the temperature rises suddenly or the food is not cooked.

Safety pressure limiting device: the heat exchanger automatically when the temperature or pressure in the pot exceeds the allowable limit.

Pressure reducing device: prevents pressure cooker failure in case the safety pressure device does not work

Safety temperature limiting device: limit temperature rise when the temperature in the pot reaches the limit.

Here are the steps for cleaning and maintenance:

Disconnect power before cleaning.

After use, pour over excessive water, rinse with water and then place the water container back after drying.

After picking up the potter’s internodes and the lid, clean the pot with a soft towel.

Carefully clean the pot with a soft cloth, do not put the entire pressure cooker in the water for cleaning.

Do not use sharp objects or fleas to clean the pot, do not scratch the anti-stick coating inside the pot. 

Voltage: 220V/50-60Hz

Net weight: 4,9 kg

Capacity: 5,0 L

Power: 900W

Dimension: 320x320x348 (mm)

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