Multi function pressure cooker KG135

Multi function pressure cooker KG135
outstanding features
  • 9 functions: Meat stew, Cook rice, Steam, Cook soup, Cook porridge, Stew ribs, Cook seasoned soup, Warm food, etc…
  • 3 in 1 Feature (Cooking-Steaming-Stewing) 2 mm Thick Inner Pot
  • Teflon coated honeycomb inner pot, health safety.
  • Pre-set timer
  • Safety for use



Kangaroo KG135 pressure cooker is made from cast iron coated with Telflon to serve for diversification of meals with 9 auto-cooking functions, saving energy to 60%.

Big capacity

With capacity of 5L, Kangaroo KG135 pressure cooker can make 7kg food and water for a family of 5-7 people.

Cast iron inner pot

Iron cast honeycomb inner pot helps to spread the heat uniformly, fast cook and more delicious. Teflon coated inner pot is safe for health and easy to clean after use.

Pre-set timer

Kangaroo KG135 pressure cooker has function of pre-set timer within 24 hours, helps to save time.

9 auto-cooking functions

Many different cooking functions are equipped to the cooker such as Meat stew, Cook rice, Steam, Cook soup, Cook porridge, Stew ribs, Cook seasoned soup, Warm food…

Capacity of 900W

With capacity of 900W, high efficiency to save 60% of energy and 40% of time.

Safety for use

  • Safety component for opening and closing cover: You can only open the cover when the pressure in the cooker is zero.
  • Pressure control: The cooker can turn on and turn off and move to warming mode automatically when the pressure reaches the design pressure level.
  • Pressure limiting valve: You can limit the pressure by release the steam when the pressure exceeds the maximum working pressure due to temperature at idle situation.
  • Exhaust valve anti-block: Anti-block mechanism of exhaust valve can limit the working pressure. It can prevent foods causing block the valve.
  • Safety valve: Explosion can be prevented by releasing pressure around the cover when pressure limiting valve does not work and the pressure in the cooker exceeds the maximum pressure
  • Over-heating protection: The cooker can stop heating when the inner pot is empty or the pot is not inside the cooker. The cooker can automatically switch off the power when the temperature inside the pot exceeds the limit temperature.

Kangaroo KG135 pressure cooker clean up

  • Unplug the cooker and wait for cooling before cleaning
  • Use soft cloth to clean the cooker’s body, do not wash in water or under water tap
  • Remove the condensed water collector then use wet cloth to clean up before put it back
  • Clean inside surface of the cover including seal, pressure limiting valve, anti-blocking component, floating valve then use soft cloth to dry.
  • Use a sponge or a soft brush not made by metal fibers to clean the inner pot then dry outside surface by soft cloth

Kangaroo Electric pressure cooker – Multi function 

Model KG 135

Capacity : 5L Voltage : 220V/50Hz
Power : 900W Plug : Grounded VDE

Color: Gold – metallic

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