Kangaroo Range Hood KG528

Kangaroo Range Hood KG528
outstanding features
  • Suitable for any kitchen space
  • Curved glass
  • Modern design, luxurious.
  • Super-durable 3 speed motor, power saving, low noise.
  • High power for powerful ventilating.
  • 5 layer filter


The Kangaroo KG528 is designed for all kitchen spaces, especially limited space in the kitchen.

Curved glass design

The Kangaroo KG528 with curved glass design is made of stainless steel, embossing the luxury for your kitchen space. This special design also makes the Kangaroo KG528  the highlight of your home.

Power 180W

Using a power of 180W, the Kangaroo hood KG528  is capable of fully absorbing odors. The engine is designed double turbine, the machine has an odor absorption capacity of 950m3 / h helping kitchen space  always clean.

 5 layer filter

Equipped with a 5-layer activated carbon filter, the Kangaroo KG528 is suitable for apartments or self-contained units.

In the cooking process, in addition to the smell of food there are the existence of many toxic gases arising due to long time not to clean the kitchen. With modest kitchen spaces, this is the ideal shelter of many types of bacteria, parasites harmful to health. In addition, when using the gas stove during cooking at the temperature will emit toxic gases such as CO2, CO … The use of activated carbon filter also helps remove toxic gas to make sure the health of the family. .

Super durable 3 speed motor, low noise level

The Kangaroo KG528 is quite good thanks to its super-durable motor parts with 3 high, medium and low suction speeds so users can adjust the level according to the time of cooking and food.

Also, the noise level of the machine is just under 57dB, you will not feel uncomfortable by the noise caused by the device.

Easy cleaning

  • Soak the membrane in hot water with soap before cleaning the body and the cover.
  • Use a kitchen brush (or toothbrush) to rub stubborn stains
  • Rinse with clean water
  • If the body and the cabinet are stainless steel, pour some kitchen stain remover onto the towel and wipe it on a small area on the front of the case. If there is no harmful, bad reaction, continue this process on the entire body of the device.
  • Use another clean wet towel to wipe off the remaining stains.
  • To glass body and glass cover, spray some water to clean the glass (after a small test) and then wipe with a clean towel.
  • Note: Do not use a scrub brush to rub the body of the cover as it may scratch the surface.
Volts 220V/50Hz Power 180w
Lamp power 2 x 2w Motor power 950m3/h
Noise level <57dB Net weight 16 kg
Total weight 18 kg Dimensions 940x435x545 mm